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Author Topic: Emma Mayfair London aka Emma London 24  (Read 8443 times)

Offline A new world

She looks gorgeous in her pictures I may have to look into a meet but £200 for the hour is a bit more then my usual. Would gladly pay that for 90 minutes though.

Offline bobdavid

Hi All,

Emma replied to my RB and all was sorted so I thought. Then yesterday she emails me and says her cousin is comeing at our agreed time so can we meet later in the day I say yes and think nothing more of it. Next day I tex her in the morning to confirm but no reply, once again think nothing of it and start to get ready, as I set off I get a tex pull over and have a read. "I have to cancel as I started my period this morning, can we rebook?? Dont know if she had a better offer or what but sounded very strange.


That's very disappointing to here :-( ... now that Emma's registered here maybe she can explain..?

If a girl accepts an RB/booking, and gets a better offer, I think it would make more sense for her to just continue with the original agreed booking - messing people around will soon affect a girl's reputation...

Hi Guys,

Though id update emma tex me the other day to say would I like to rearrange our booking maybe I git her wrong.


Offline Emma Mayfair London

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sorry london guy, my period came earlier than i expect so i had to cancel, i had text you to rearrange it for the same fee and service last week.

SORRY i didn't mean to mess around, i am genius and i make sure every single of my client leave with a smile on their face. x

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