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Author Topic: Violet (Formally of Platinum & Bonds)  (Read 337 times)

Anyone know where the lovely Violet has gone? I saw her twice when she was with Platinum then she disappeared and turned up with new Bonds agency and I tried to book in call but they didn't have any premises available yet and now she seems to have disappeared from Bonds as well!!!

Offline BondsNewcastle

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Violet is still with us, just a little 'tied up' (not in the kinky sense either) over the holidays.  She does still have incall plans for her return though so keep toot!  :kiss:

Offline frenchhorn

told me she was going to start and do porn films
that's why owo stopped
Was trying to be totally clean , they have to be tested for adult film work
Banning reason: Idiot who won't accept rule against STD allegations


In response to the reply from Bonds, thank you very much for the reply, much appreciated. I'll keep an eye on your website. Violet was my first and only punt so far, met Violet twice as she is great and will definitely be booking again.

Thanks again

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