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Author Topic: Sweet teen Julia - old street  (Read 1101 times)

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Julia has lingered down the bottom end of my hotlist for ages but her previous location of Tufnell park wasn't great for me so I only saw her earlier this week at her new old street location.

Comms pre punt were ok and via text,her replies were pretty short and her failure to confirm the actual flat number until a few minutes prior to our meet meant I arrived a couple of minutes late.

No drama,I was promptly buzzed into her flat, the stairs and outside are pretty grim but inside the flat was fine and the shower decent on a hot day!

On arrival Julia met me with a kiss,I was pleasantly surprised by her looks,facially not stunning but attractive enough with a toned,tanned body to boot.

I was offered and accepted a shower and then returned in my towel,we started off with some fk/dfk, her technique is a bit weird so I quickly moved her down to my cock.She sucked my cock for a bit which was nice but in truth a bit shallow,she certainly can't deepthroat.

She then asked me if I liked rimming and asked me to get into the doggy position on the bed!She got a bit of oil and started licking my arse  :wackogirl: this was enjoyable but I have enjoyed better rimmings in truth.

After a while it was back to some more owo then some 69,I felt close to cumming but asked her to rubber me up for some mish.I held out longer than I anticipated on a pretty hot day before asking her to dismount, get on her knees so I could cum in her mouth.She was cool with this and sucked me dry before leaving for the bathroom to spit out my deposit :D

We were roughly half way through the time so Julia asked if I fancied a message.I politely declined and after a quick towel down  (it was sweltering! ) I asked her to return to sucking my cock and licking my arsehole.

I then rubbered up and gave her a good drilling in doggy before moving onto some cowgirl.
This was good but I wanted to go back on top so I moved her underneath with her legs held up to give her a hard pounding,or jackhammering :sarcastic: ,I realised we were close for time and a combination of the heat and we not wanting to take the piss meant I came again into the condom before collapsing onto the bed.

Another shower was offered and taken, we chatted a little then I headed back into the sunshine.

In summary a decent punt,the service is a little mechanical  (what position you want now?) and there are better looking girls out there but I thought she was good vfm.

I probably won't return as I rarely do but would echo the previous positive reviews  :drinks:

51 review(s) found for sweetTeen_julia20 linked to in above post (47 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

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