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Author Topic: Rebecca – LSS – Edinburgh  (Read 831 times)

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Offline You Only Live Once

London Street Sauna
Beautiful looking woman.
Nothing else positive I can say.
Typical LSS service these days.
No kissing (she had just put her lipstick on)
No owo, par for the course at LSS.
Showed no interest and just lay there.
Bit of a necrophilia experience.
I suppose you have gfe, pse and now ne (necrophilia experience)
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Offline auldie63

Christ you are paying plenty for it in these places, I hope you complained to the management that the service was lousy. That's the only way to get it to improve, and if they don't take your wonga elsewhere until they get the message.

Offline You Only Live Once

I'm giving up on the Edinburgh Saunas for now.
Banning reason: Previously banned (JazzMan)

I used to pick Rebecca all the time at lss

owo , kissing good gfe then after picking her pal one time
it all changed still got owo but very frosty service,
now wouldn't pick herif it was free.  ;)

Bet she was sitting on the couch on the left as you enter. Funny how some girls always sit in the same chair. Not a bad looking girl, picked her 3 times, first encounter was ok, she was at the new town,  the other two were in London st, both so so. I need a girl who is clever with her mouth and fingers, so basically she is no good to me. However if you don't need any imput from the girl she is ok. A typical lazy Romanian. Doesn't have any conversation either. She must be pretty heavy by now.

Bet she was sitting on the couch on the left as you enter. Funny how some girls always sit in the same chair

This has always been something of a tradition at LSS .
Woe  betide anyone (punter or girl) who was brave enough to sit in the two seats next to the desk which were the property of Lisa and Kerry. :scare:

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