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Author Topic: Josie from MK Ego-Massage anywhere  (Read 800 times)

I used to see a girl called Josie at Ego Massage in Milton Keynes. She worked at this massage parlour 2 days a week and we got on very well

She told me she was from the Nottingham area and no longer works at Ego Massage, but keen to know if anyone knows where she now works out of.....

She was the owner at Rub, worked as Franchesca there, I think, and I first met her at Bubbles years ago, and she's the best masseuse I've ever seen anywhere. Heavenly Holly is absolutely great and used to work with Josie, but in my opinion Josie was better.

Sadly, the last I heard, she had retired and got married, but somebody else may know different.

Thanks FlatFoot... not the answer I was hoping for....  :diablo:

I share your pain !

If you are in Nottingham, Heavenly Holly is good,  also a lady called Demi, she's on AW and works in Sherwood,  and she is Tiffany at Ego in MK, not sure how often she is there, but she is really good too.

They all used to work at Rub together.

Who was she at Bubbles? Be annoyed if I never realised she was there lol

Whats Demi's AW profile?

She was  called Katie, but it was a long time ago and she worked in Nottingham.

Demi seems to have gone from AW now - sorry.

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