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Author Topic: Carols sauna edinburgh  (Read 3006 times)

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Hey guys..
Just visited carols sauna down easter road..
Tbh my view is neutral until next time.
I had hannah who loves to talk I had 45 minutes with her and she only gave me owo.. she was really good at that but wanted to do more with her after I shot but we never had time.
I walked in but if I waited 5 minutes I seen this wee stunner with blackish hair loved her body so next time has to be with her

Hannah I would give 9/10 for looks
Her Tits are small but perfect as I like smaller boobs...
As I said she like to talk so if you get her just whip put your cock to shut her up..

Offline daviebond

She does take the hint if you can get a word in ;)

Yeh I'll know by next time.. well after ive seen another 1 I clocked when I was walking to our room

Offline sam67

The wee black hair stunner might be Nina.
Banning reason: Shit

Offline Largs43

I fancy trying Carol's Sauna for a change; is it worth a visit to see Nina?

I phoned Carol's the other day to see if Kat was working (formerly of NTS) but was told she doesn't work there any more. There were 3 other lassies working but I didn't recognise any names, so I ended up going to NTS anyway. But I remember Nina was one of the names mentioned as available.

Another was Sandie/Sandra...?

Hannah is the only one well reviewed on here.

Any other tips for Carol's sauna?

Offline bigmike32

Kat from nts sauna is working as an indy now her name on aw is sensual samantha77 or something like that. I quite fancy trying carols sauna myself.

Offline f_angel

Nina is well worth a visit, great body and good service.

i would go back but just to try nina.. she is really hot and wish i spent my time and money on her instead think she was just coming out the shower so only had a towel on so never scene much but knew instandly she had a hot body lol

Offline nike

Been in Carols twice , both times phoned to see who was working and both times turned up to see only one girl on, and told the others are on the way. :thumbsdown:

A mere 11 years since I was last at Carols...no prizes for guessing which superstar I saw back then. ;)

I used to go to Carol's regularly 6 or 7 years ago, I liked two or three girls there at the time, but gradually gave up on it.

There is very little choice in saunas in Edinburgh now, several saunas have shut down thanks to girls working for themselves mainly on AW.  I used to go to Dundas Street 6 or 7 years ago also but the choice there is poor now, I don't even know if they are still open.

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