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Author Topic: Selena Horny Latin (Notting Hill)  (Read 566 times)

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Took one for the team as i couldn't find any previous reviews. Bit of a mixed bag this. But I'll start with the positives.

LOOKS - 9/10

Selena is Colombian I think, and an absolute knockout. Looks fantastic and sexy as hell. An arse to die for. Nice girl to chat to afterwards too, her English is quite limited but she is quite friendly. Communications were pretty decent too. And offered me a cold drink after a shower in the smallest bathroom I've ever seen.

ROOM - 5/10

Really unusual as there wasn't a bed but a small cramped couch, which made for some awkward positioning. I was expecting to be lead onto the bedroom, but I'm quite tall and with the lack of space, I knew it might be a struggle. Location was close to Notting Hill and easy to find.

SERVICE - 6/10

No OWO, no FK, no pussy licking, no 69. I was really gutted by that. I maybe should have initiated it, but she made all the moves and pretty much got to fucking straight away without much in the way of foreplay. It all just felt a bit rushed, even though she's not a clockwatcher.

OVERALL - 6/10

Not great value for money unfortunately. Fantastic looks and friendly chat afterwards stop this from being a negative. Much better value to be had elsewhere.


1 review(s) found for Megan sweet lover linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

So because she looks good and you had a talk after the punt it's a neutral this imho should be a negative.

On reflection, it's a neutral, just about. Think I may have been blinded by the sensational looks.

On reflection, it's a neutral, just about. Think I may have been blinded by the sensational looks.

Ok I'm just going by your review you said owo and kissing was refused that seems to be a very basic vanilla service for the price she is charging

Offline Persie

Sounds a disaster - limited services and rushed into a shag-FAIL imho
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Can't edit the headline to change to a negative. But for anyone thinking of it...


If it was £60 or so, just about acceptable, purely for the hotness factor. But there were so many things missing from the punt, I'm willing to update this to a negative. Just don't bother unless she ups her game.

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