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Author Topic: London / czechxxsashaxx – Heathrow, not easy.  (Read 451 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3549058 or https://www.adultwork.com/CZECHXXSASHA

Comm’s handled efficiently by her maid, definitely, except for failing my dress request, see later.
Commiserations to The Don – I try to maintain contact by confirming midday for an evening appointment and again while traveling, before taking my Vardenafil.
If either of those messages go un-answered = alarm bells. OK for me on this occasion.
Allow a 25 minute walk from Hayes and Harlington station is one suggestion.
Buses will take you part of the rest of the way but not to the Hotel.
There must be parking at a Hotel, if you’re driving?
No problems with the Hotel or Room, yes, a bit of a maze.
I can see the young Julia Roberts similarity – Just About.
Sasha is pretty enough but not stunning or a head-turner in my opinion – I wouldn’t look twice.
Also slightly heavier built than I was expecting but nothing alarming.
A tiny bit of a ‘tummy’ and two patches remaining from appendix key-hole surgery – still a bit sensitive.
She was wearing a “teddy” – I didn’t find it at all alluring.
As “naz”, yes, quite hard work to start her up.
I found her manner to be a little bit abrupt if she didn’t understand (or agree with!) me so the transition from total strangers to a more intimate atmosphere was a bit stilted – we were sitting on the bed and the only way I could think to break the deadlock was to say “Give me a kiss”. She complied!
My memory fails a bit now because I had a fabulous session with another girl (review to follow) the following evening which kind of blotted out this experience.
Kissing with tongue, nothing ferocious, throughout, good enough for me.
Eventually, we were standing, fingering each other.
To bed – she started an oily hj.
I suggested RO and finger In, and although she was enjoying it, I could sense that she wasn’t going to reach the Holy Grail so I moved back to the pillow as if to say "over to you".
OWO was good enough for me to eventually say “You’re going to have to fuck me now”.
She even queried that! “How can I fuck you?” I ask you! Talk about confrontational!
Anyway, cowgirl was good enough to make me come.
£100 for an hour.
Un-inspirational was my experience.
I wouldn’t bother to re-visit.

13 review(s) found for CZECHXXSASHA linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline dubhcarr

sorry for your unsatisfactory punt especially as I see you are generous with your ratings.
As the Italian guy says YMMV with any working girl but there seems to be a tide of dissatisfaction with this one. Thanks for the review I am still saving my money.......... :music:

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