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Author Topic: Adultwork - what are the things that most wind you up on a profile page?  (Read 4996 times)

I regularly check out Adultwork and I can't be alone in getting so frustrated with the way profiles are written.

obviously there are a lot that are written by pimps without the girls knowledge and the ones that are written by the girls… well lets face it there are some for whom writing a shopping list would be a challenge let alone a profile page with coherent information.

However while not all WGs are dumb fucks dumb stuff STILL constantly gets written. Dumb decisions are constantly MADE to the point I've often wondered is there a need for some kind of guidelines. A whores checklist that she can go through to make sure she's not made all the commonest mistakes.

Here a few of the no no's that really piss me off. These are the things that make a difference whether I pick up the phone or not. or if I get past the crap on the profile and speak to the girl whether I make it over her threshold in the first place. If anyone else has any of their own pet-hates to add I'd be interested to hear

Shit photos
We live in a time when taking a half decent image could not be easier. Everyone has fucking cameras - they are on everyones phones these days. the tools that are available to take crisp beautiful imagery is everywhere so… Why-oh-fucking-why do I constantly see images that are blurry, in darkened rooms so you can't see any detail. Have one image that looks like it has been ripped out of a porn mag or shows just one part of a girls anatomy for 5 or 6 images - Sorry but 6 arse shots is just not going to entice me to visit you!! Also those girls that don't want to show their face. Yes i get it, but at least show me what your lips look like, a bit of your hair so I get a sense of whether you are a munter or not

No phone number
The amount of profiles I have read where I've liked the look of the girl, scrolled down the list of 'enjoys' and got excited about ringing to book an appointment only to find that the only way to get in contact is by email!! Email FFS!!… If I want to wait for 2-3 days for an answer whether I'll be lucky to have sex I might as well ask the missus. get a fucking phone!

Lying about things you 'enjoy'
This is possibly the biggest no-no for me along with bait and switch. The amount of times I have had the horn and compiled a list of potential targets to ring and every single one has said 'no' to services they said they'd offer on their profiles. believe me by the time you've had your 5th or 6th 'no' my blood is boiling. Stop wasting peoples time! If you are not prepared to do a service - thats your prerogative - but don't fucking list it. If your pimp is doing it tell him he's a cunt.

Not answering the phone
Jeezus! Whats with this? Yes I get it - you may be busy but some whores I have taken a shine to I have rung multiple times and no pick up. If you are working only in the evenings or mornings or what-have-you, its helpful to put this on your profile. Your job relies on you speaking to people! Its not fucking rocket science! how else are you going to book them in. If you are constantly getting missed calls - thats missed business. Get a mate in to do it for you if it really is all too much - please no fucking hairy arsed blokes though - someone who sounds sexy and female and understands about dates and times and can use a diary. oh and make sure she doesn't have a problem dealing with questions to do with the services you offer either. Im sick of frosty females who you can feel visibly stiffen when you ask about CIM or facials. If its on your profile make sure your mate doesn't have a problem discussing it.

Phone manner
Strictly this goes beyond the AW profile but arguably is one of the most important clinchers. If a punter has rung a WG that means they are just one simple step away from an immediate booking or at the very least an entry on a must-visit list. So why do so many girls fuck this stage up? Again its not rocket science if a guy has rung a WG by definition he's already horny and has been turned on by seeing her pics. All he needs to hear is the fact she sounds friendly and sexy and is easy to get on with and will do all the services she has advertised. Sounds simple doesn't it? Yet the amount of times girls that answer the phone with attitude, are grumpy, half awake, can't answer the most basic questions or are evasive or rude is unbelievable. Let me tell you every one that does is immediately struck off my list. I figure if you can't even make an effort on the phone with me your hardly going to do so in the bedroom. Yes - I also get that you may have been rung up by a bunch of cunts all day but if you can't handle that get a mate into do that job for you - see above.

Thats it for now - I know I have more to add but lets see what everyone else thinks and i'll pitch some more in later

Offline mr small

Sure this was done before  but

List days and times they are working - save us wasting our time and theirs.

Clear indication of extras and prices - again save us wasting our time and theirs

Height and dress size

Misleading ages and sizes


Offline andyw1969

Nationality : Romanian.

Than there is the stupid QA

Do you like what you do: Yes I love it yeah like you are really going to say no I fucking hate it.
Are you STI checked: Yes i'm regually checked every week. Well they are not likely to say no and ive got......
Are you discrete: Yes again hardly likely to say no I'll arrive at your place in a mini skirt , stockings showing dressed like a Whore.

Pics Tht are photoshopped to death. When u arrive u end up seeing old fat auntie standing behind the door  :crazy:

Like the OP, not having a phone number on her profile winds me up.  I don't bother sending emails, i'd rather try and get in touch with another WG who has supplied her number.

Misleading information is another.  Prices, extras, services etc.

Girls who auto put bi-sexual and when that service is requested run a mile !!!!

Including many of this forums top favs.

I could even name and shame one who professes to be 'gay', but last minute got a family emrgency (which I suppose could be true)
One of our best experiances was with a girl who had marked 'straight'  :dash:

Offline E.L. Wisty

Copy and paste profiles with so much crap. Profiles that just go on and on forever. Contradictory and confusing information. Where they mention "at discretion" when the reality is they just don't do it.
Banning reason: Previously banned (Sonny Crockett)

Profiles with this sort of shit on it

Profiles with this sort of shit on it

I hate Tht shit.
Who started Tht bullshit..thinking its cute.

Offline E.L. Wisty

Banning reason: Previously banned (Sonny Crockett)

Offline DannyJames

I hate stupid names. The ones where instead of putting 'Rachel1982' or whatever, they put 'HotAndBangingWithADribblingSnatch' kind of shit.

False advertising of services looks & figure
And gross exaggerations of their sexual prowess

1 review(s) found for sexymotherfucker40 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline spuds

Zero feedback, no free gallery and only a private one - Always makes me think it's a scam.

Anyone who's filled in the interview bit and answered "not tellin" or "too rude to say!" or "If u wanna know then ask" to any of the questions.  It's an interview - you're supposed to tell us so we don't have to ask.  Also - you're on a site for selling sex.  I doubt that anything you've done will be considered too rude.

Offline SUMO61

Saying Available Today, but the whinging about no last minute bookings, please book three days ahead blah blah.. :dash:

"White guys only"

Profiles longer than Lord of the rings

Offline RedKettle

every photo is fully clothed in the sort of thing my OH would wear for a trip to Asda.

FFS what is it that you are trying to sell??  Show it off so I know what I am buying.

Q. Can i bring you a gift?? A. Of course you can,i love chocolates wine and perfume!!  :D ha ha yeah right, well its not going to happen with me  :lol:

Offline E.L. Wisty

Saying Available Today, but the whinging about no last minute bookings, please book three days ahead blah blah.. :dash:

Also some of them don't display a phone number. Defeats the objective of being "Available Today".
Banning reason: Previously banned (Sonny Crockett)

Offline od13218

Lists of "rules" or "etiquette". Any punter worth his salt will be pissed mightily off by a paragraph about personal hygiene or cancellations, while a smelly time waster isn't going to read it and think "I'd better have a shower and turn up on time".
Long profiles in general- it's almost as if they imagine we're only interested in them and want to read every bit of flowery prose about their bubbly personality and how well read they are- if only they knew we are scanning dozens of profiles for a few crucial bits of information which will tell us whether we'll get a good shag and VFM or not.
And yes those stupid fucking graphics of hearts and curvy figures made out of letters. Seriously?

Those annoying novel like profiles. Bitch! Fuck off with Tht shit. Who is going to read all Tht garbage   ...stupid hoes :crazy:

There are profiles with no location - could be anywhere in the UK, or just 'London' could be anywhere inside the M25. Or a town name without the county so I did a Hertfordshire search and totally missed a desirable lady in Stevenage - who I found later and did manage to meet recently. Or location of a town - say Milton Keynes - and in the wrong county - say Bedfordshire.

AW could easily set up a mechanism that made it impossible to post the profile until the location was complete.

Profiles that exclaim what great boobs she has and present a photo of her bum.
Profiles that proclaim what a great bum she has and present a photo of her boobs.

Gentlemens ...

'I am new in your town' - and never edit it for months.

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