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Author Topic: X__Scarlett__X - Heathrow  (Read 2122 times)

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Offline DodeCode

https://www.adultwork.com/3166775 or https://www.adultwork.com/X%5F%5FScarlett%5F%5FX

Booking: Simple, initial email via AW, responding with the hotel info and then I got a call a few mins prior to the start with room info.  There was a 10 minute delay as the air con was being fixed by staff.  Something that was ultimately very much needed! £130 for one hour.

The Venue: A hotel in Heathrow but not on the Bath Road, parking only payable at the reception but seeing as I was 'visiting a friend' they waived the £4 that I was due to pay.

The Girl: It's defo her, just with slightly shorter hair at the moment.  No complaints as everything was as per pictures.

The Nitty Gritty: Got to the hotel room after the initial delay and was a touch concerned as there was a lot of staff in the corridor.  It was room cleanup time I imagine as there were a lot of trolleys etc. and probably some of said staff were recently in her room fixing the air con.  Got in and there was a good connection between us, nothing awkward.  Handed over the cash and we got comfortable on the bed.  There was then a bit of (some may say prolonged) FK.. only the odd tongue flick back at mine though.  This went on for probably a good 10 minutes then I took charge and went to DATY.  I was down there for a while and after making her squirm a bit, she asked me to use my fingers.  I was gunning to rub her clit but she told me to put one inside her.  Who am I to argue?  I ended up putting two in for good measure and she seemed very responsive to this.

She then went for some OWO on me and her technique as well as deep throat brought me close on a couple of occasions where I asked to hold off so that I could fuck her.  Doggy ensues and I get a little carried away and pump hard to find that I'm on the verge of shooting so I just went to town and pumped hard.

Knowing that time was starting to get on, after we clean up, I pretty much get straight back on it and ask for a 69 which she had no problem with.  I did try to slip in a naughty finger into her arse but the clenching gave me the indication that it wasn't on.  Again, that OWO technique was my downfall.  I basically said I was going to unload and that I hope she had good reaction skills.  In the end she aimed it all on her tits.  By this point, I know there's no way on gods green earth I'm going to have anything left in the tank and due to the initial delay, I had to get a move on anyway.

The Verdict: Defo a good punt and would happily recommend her.  Perhaps for 90 minutes if she ever does that duration.  Further evidence that I should only 'Buy British'.

14 review(s) found for X__Scarlett__X linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline dubhcarr

thanks for the review sounds like you had a good time
how pretty is she?

Its picking up around Heathrow again! Cheers for the review!

Offline DodeCode

how pretty is she?
Personally, I'd rank her 6 or 7 out of 10.  I certainly had no problem getting the horn around her.  As always, YMMV.  One thing to mention now that I remember, is that her tits are relatively small.  As in just a B Cup.  Still enough to suck on though.

Thanks for the review - always been tempted but she moves around so much I never seem to be free when she passes this way.  Will keep my eye on her schedule based on this though.

Offline DodeCode

Thanks for the review - always been tempted but she moves around so much I never seem to be free when she passes this way.  Will keep my eye on her schedule based on this though.
Yeah, I asked how often she is in Heathrow and she mentioned it was once every eight weeks or so.  She also said she generally spends no more than a couple days and covers Heathrow, Central London, Oxford, Birmingham and Leicester.

She certain travels a bit.

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