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Author Topic: Violet - Platinumladies - finally got the balls to post a review  (Read 1411 times)

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So I'm finally posting a review after a few months. I've already had grief from Looking 4 Fun on here and I know I'll get it again but as I've said I'm still new to this whole punting thing (I think seeing the same girl 2-3 times in the space of a few weeks and her being my first punt a couple of months ago still qualifies as being new).

So I saw Violet who was then of Platinum Ladies (I can't post link to their site as it has either disappeared or I can't access it on my PC as can't find them anymore anywhere on the web) who has or had seemed to moved to Bonds but she now seems to have disappeared form Bonds site as she did from Platinum.

Violet is gorgeous, small/petite body with lovely big breasts. Really warm and friendly, put me at ease as I was nervous and still am with this whole punting thing. Unfortunately she did oral with a condom but reading reviews on here seems to be the way they are all going and it was still good! The sex was great, she never hurried me and wasn't bothered about just taking the money, getting down to it and throwing me out. The second time she actually didn't realise what the time was and I got a bit longer than the hour I had boked. She was happy to keep going for as long as I could and had more energy than the energizer bunny. Would definitely see her again but she seems to have disappeared again!!!!

Offline Looking4fun

Good effort mate, don't forget to include the prices you paid &  location for the next one!


Good effort mate, don't forget to include the prices you paid &  location for the next one!
+1  :hi:

Oh yeah forgot about prices and location!

So I paid a cool £100 for Violet but was well worth the burn marks on the wallet!!!

Violet was based in a fairly nice apartment just off the Quayside. Room was a bit small and wouldn't recommend it on a warm day which it was!

For my next punt I am hoping to book Darcey from Premium who seems to have just signed on with Bonds: http://www.bonds-newcastle-escorts.co.uk/Busty+Newcastle+Incall+Escort.html so any feed back from anyone who has seen Darcey is welcome!


Title should be girls name and location. The fact that you've finally got the balls to post a review can be added to the text.....


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I cannot find platinum either.
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