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Author Topic: INDIAN JAIDA - Heathrow  (Read 851 times)

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Offline Joe112

TERRIBLE!! one word..... well two - fish also!

Comms - brilliant, text/call - and good location in heathrow - hotel with plenty of parking.

BUT - and her profile doesnt show her face - but facially she is stunning!
her body however did not look as if she took care of her self. bit streamline - and the lingerie she was wearing did not compliment her.

ok - so via text message she did say she would do dfk and owo - but when i got there  "no i dont"

constant phone checking - and her attitude was 2/10 - cocktail of rudeness and "tsk!" - lots of those.

by then it was too late as i handed my money over - i kept thinking on my walk back to my car, i really shouldve stayed at home and played with myself instead!!

her skin was not too nice - bit rough, her breath was smoking - and she was more interested on what was on tv. really unwelcoming!!!

when it came to me finishing - she was already on the phoen to someone else and ushering me out.
DISGUSTING behaviour - and i hope no one else has to waste 80£ of their money on this!!!!

also, as we had sex in one position - i did ask for doggy - and she just went "no babe, let's just come in this position" - adn she did so many fake moaning really off putting!!!!

as i pulled my p***s out of her - it STANK of fish!!!! so bad the smell was on my hand all the way home!

when i did get home - i showered for a good 20 mins to make sure it had gone....

BAD experience - never going to go again.

A few years ago i saw NAHDIA - her other colleague- now shew as really ncie, i could imagine her as a gf - as she was giving such a good gfe!! funny thing was in the hallway i kept seeing her float around! and she maybe did not recognise my face, but i kept thinking "i know you!!!" lol

any who - as i did walk past her she gave me a strong "mean" look - which made me think..... wow - im staying away from her now and taking her off my hot list also now.

anyway - back to the Jaida- terrible exp - her body was a 4/10 - she needs to gym, squats - and lose that small belly and not shave her vag**a - as it leaves marks!

and her face? however this was ncie! 7/8 out of 10 - i could imagien takign her out on a date and be chuffed!

https://www.adultwork.com/2568828 or https://www.adultwork.com/Indian+Jaida

will i go again ? DEF NOT!

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Offline JS1965

Cheers mate...crossed off my HL

Offline Belgarion

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Offline _Cyrus_

Oh boy, that sounda awful. Sorry you had a bad experience mate. I would not have chosen her based on pictures, but better luck next time.

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