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Author Topic: Spanish Massage Bunnies Massage  (Read 2667 times)

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Offline jp12345


Comms were good appointment was arranged through text. Arrived at the door and was shown in by Suzi. It could have been Suzi in the pictures on website, she might have put on a little weight. However she was still gorgeous with amazing breasts.
I paid her the £50 for 30mins and she left the room for me to undress.

I was face down on the massage table as she entered the room. She spent about 5mins tickling my balls whilst I was face down before asking me to turn over.
This was a genital massage after all ;) She climbed up on the table between my legs and poured hot oil on my cock. I could feel it trickling over my balls. She leant back and poured hot oil over her amazing boobs, before spending the next 20 mins rubbing stroking and caressing my cock and balls with her hands and tits it was amazing and excellent value for money.

Massages at bunnies start @ £30 including happy ending. Iv only ever had olivia when i have booked for the basic service but left very satisfied. Much better than HR at a chinese parlour.

I recommend the spanish as the girls here seem to put more effort into their cock stroking than they do their back rubbing.

Offline fredpunter

Bizarre pricing?  60 mins massage with happy end .... £50
Nude massage £70
Tantric massage £140 .... only difference seems to be she share the shower and does a few mins half hearted body to body ... seems an awful lot more expensive for not much more fun. You can shag very well reviewed prossies for an hour for £140 or less.

I'd be tempted to try £50 deal though ... if the massage is any good.

Thanks for the review Suzi, very kind of you to do it so one of us punters doesn't have to bother  :cool:

Offline webpunter

Massages at bunnies start @ £30 including happy ending
Why not roll out a price list  :sarcastic:   Would probably have visited at some stage.  Given this bollocks then i won't bother.  Thanks OP

Clearly the hot weather has meant they are having a quiet day. I didn't rate the place when I went. Reasonable prices but not necessarily vfm.

Offline jp12345

lool i was apprehensive  about writing this review as i don't want the place to get busy to be honest i don't know why i wrote the review just think its value for money i think olivia is my favourite her lingam massage is awesome.

Online hawai5o

Why not roll out a price list  :sarcastic:   Would probably have visited at some stage.  Given this bollocks then i won't bother.  Thanks OP

I thought i've seen prices here on the link http://www.bunniesmassagelondon.com/services

Offline webpunter

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