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Author Topic: Oh my days! What a cutie  (Read 1135 times)


I don't suppose for a minute she's genuine, alert on profile (although brand new account so could be the reason). Also got BB listed  :thumbsdown:

What a cutie though  :wacko:



Offline Redevil86

Carefull, nice girl, good price, out of the way town , no phone number, same old scam, let us know if she replays , but don't hold breath !

Offline Redevil86

Did't read the profile , always look at what I stated first, if the basic profile is as I said , I generally don't look any further .

Yes she's cute, but also barebacker so no chance, and is almost certainly a PG scammer.

Offline HughJardon

Looking at the profile earlier it did stink of a PG gallery tuckup.
I actually checked backpages and Friday Ads etc for this girl in some form using location of the Isle of Barry also Tineyed but no positive returns back. :hi:

The bareback tick as this profile was created today looked to me as all services were ticked along with specialist subjects of baby minding watersports the more freakier shite. It could have been genuine so heres a snapshot, she may rear her head on a new profile. That way it could be a trip down to the log flumes the dodgems and boothys with a little nosh off her for desert.

Offline Redevil86

More chance of a 3sum with Gavin & Stacey , Hugh, but would love to be wrong, on most of these scam profiles, Thay never put an average looking girl on them , funny that !

Offline HughJardon

Or a Nessa Stacey 3 sum with Rob Brydon jeering you on "cmon butt"

The location of Barry threw me for a PG scam, surely Cardiff as the punting capital of Wales would get more traffic, but this could be some spotty teenaged herbert sat in his room trying to cash in on fake pics, saying that and because the profile got removed/deleted today it could have been a jealous ex profile.

Or Rita Orals back we havent seen that little scamp for a while now  :angelgirl:

Offline Redevil86

It's the same person putting all these fake profiles up, as I've said before the template is exactly the same, good looking young ladie, no phone number, basic profile, basic price, town in s. Wales not main city, private gallery, up for a couple of days and gone, probably up in an other region now as I type?
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Gone, before I could knock one out

Offline PuntingPete

She was certainly worth knocking one out over, probably the same group as this one https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3653052

Another PG scam more than likely.  :(

Offline Redevil86

Guaranteed scam, all the same trade mark points, Thay just don't grow them like that in Barry for £100 !

Offline HughJardon

Gone, before I could knock one out

Yeah but I did post the image up

glaze that phone away big lad  :wackogirl:

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