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Author Topic: Barelylegalalix  (Read 3897 times)

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I made this review with the intention of bigging her up...

Very unfortunate turn of phrase MrAP, are you sure that's what you meant? It really isn't how UKP works!

Calls her BF a cock and then goes and does his gardening for him    :lol:

i was actually in the process of booking her...suddenly i'm feeling unwell. how the fuck can she charge more for kissing when shes offering a gfe service.
i was actually quite excited that we had a new and attractive wg to go along side the few others in the area. let down. especially for 140 notes.


No ones mentioned anything about how well the garden looked!! :crazy:

Mines a bit weedy (does that word sound familiar), if you have a free afternoon come and do mine!

Offline marky123uk

Thanks very much Mr pie man for the tip of my life

She was everything you said. .if anything mate my only critical comment I would say about your report was,... you underplayed how good she is lol!.. as you said and so much more. .will be back soon!  :D
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