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Author Topic: Free online STI test kit  (Read 1101 times)

Offline longballs

I`ve never been to a GUM clinic before, I have seen a relatively small number of WGs, have always used protection (other than OWO) and have never shown any signs of issues etc but I`m going to get tested as it's the responsible thing to do.

So, I googled GUM clinics near me and the NHS site pops up  http://www.nhs.uk/service-search/sexual-health-information-and-support/locationsearch/734

There's a clinic round the corner and I select "book an appointment".  It tells me that for STI tests you just drop in rather than make an appointment

The following are offered on a drop in basis:
•Emergency contraception
•STI testing
•Pregnancy testing and advice
•Free condoms
•Chlamydia testing
•Implant fitting
•Coil removal

I notice that there is a FREE STI Postal Test kit available (fine for me as I`m single and live alone).

Request your FREE chlamydia and gonorrhoea postal test kit here…

The test is quick, easy and confidential! A simple urine* or self-taken swab (for women) is all you need to do!

Your postal test kit will be sent to an address of your choice. It will arrive discreetly packaged in a plain grey plastic envelope which fits through a standard letter box. Full instructions are included with the postal test kit along with a freepost envelope which allows you to return your sample for testing. Your results will be available 7 - 10 days later and we can even text them to you! It couldn't be easier!

I`ve applied for one and selected some free condoms too.  I`m in two minds as to whether to also go to the drop in as it may test for more??  I just don't like the idea of waiting around since I can't book an appointment.  Any thoughts?

Offline sealion

Go - they test for more than the free kit does.

Offline LL

That kit sounds like just a urine test. If you go to the clinic you will get a more thorough sexual health check as they'll also test your blood and screen for HIV and syphilis.

Offline jawill

At home tests are fine if you know what you are looking for, i.e. burning piss, get a gonn and chylam test.  Tests are accurate and results back within 2 days.  Price about £40.  Ive used them often.

A gum clinic however will give you complete piece of mind for everything, however, test results can take up to 2 weeks to come back.

Offline berksboy

Fine but were do you get the meds to fix it ?

Offline longballs

Fine but were do you get the meds to fix it ?

Well, they text you your results and then you'd go to the gum clinic or your gp.

Offline longballs

Just to conclude this post, the test arrived within a day or so and I sent it off. But, I messed it up by removing the clear liquid out of the sample (instructions were not clear on this). They text me a few days later and said that the sample wouldn't be tested (I wrote a note saying "instructions unclear, I removed liquid") as I had removed the liquid and they'd post out a new test.

2nd test arrived with slightly different instructions and procedure but similar enough. I posted it off and got a text giving me the all clear just over a week later.

Really easy and discreet so I'd recommend it.

Fine but were do you get the meds to fix it ?

Off the Internet, of course :rolleyes:

There are "online doctor" services that will issue a prescription (based on your answers to a series of online questions) and then sell you the antibiotics, in much the same way as they do for Viagra etc.

Seriously, though, the best bet is to go to your local GUM clinic for expert advice and treatment, especially for gonorrhea where an injection of Ceftriaxone (in combination with oral Azithromycin) is the most effective treatment.  Some of the online suppliers offer oral Cefixime in place of the Ceftriaxone, which means you don't have to see anyone for a jab, but is less effective.

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