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Author Topic: Parenclub Mystique (near Breda) in The Netherlands  (Read 538 times)

Before I will post my report about Parenclub Mystique, I will quote the report that Jerboa wrote about this swingerclub in another topic.

Date: 5th of November 2015

''Thursday checked out of hotel and headed past Antwerp across the border to Holland, to a swingers club Mystique just outside the town of Rucphen, on the first Thursday of the month there is a gangbang day, I checked into my hotel around 2pm, and didn't go to the club until 4:30pm thinking things would still be quiet, the club is down a narrow wooded track in the countryside you'd never know the club was there, I was wrong about the place being quiet, the car park is massive behind the club, and full of cars, there was even two parking attendants, I figured this will be interesting, paid €80 at reception, lockers all gone, so they give you a suit bag to put your stuff in, and then safely stored in cloakroom.

So changed and up to the bar, place was indeed busy, with quite a few couples, I took a scout around the club, there is a lounge by the bar, then a sauna and shower area, up the stairs there were playrooms, some bird was getting shagged over the landing railings, I was worried she'd go over, the play rooms were heaving, bodies all over, I was in no rush, so went to the bar for a drink, a fit looking blonde started playing with a couple of guys on a bed by the dance floor, so I popped over, she was sucking cock and getting shagged, afterwards I went next door to the dinning room, got some of the buffet, looking out the windows there is a outdoor swimming pool, bet it be great in the summer, I got talking to a local guy over dinner, nice chap.

At the other end of the building there are even more play rooms, and a large jacuzzi pool, I had a scout in the playrooms, plenty of action there too, there is a dark room off of the room, now this place was pitch black, I'd seen a couple go in, so I went in, I couldn't see shit, bumped into bodies, then hands started feeling my pants, then I realised it was a males hand, OK about turn and made a fast exit lol.

Took a paddle in the big jacuzzi it must of been like 30ft long, I was perving at a younger girl sat next to me with a cracking pair of tits, and I was having a joke with two other guys sat near by, coz I was perving at her tits, met the fella in the pool who'd I talked to during dinner, he gave me the low down about the place, nice guy said he was waiting for his fuck buddy to arrive.

So the rest of the evening, I can't describe everything, the place was heaving, it was a bit of a rugby scrum at times, but I still got plenty of chances to shag some horny milfs, there were a few younger couples in their 20's too, I would go as far as saying this event was as good as Insomnia, but no hired girls, didn't need them, as almost all the couples played. And again a free bar, you don't get that back in UK.  :drinks:

So needless to say I will return, and would certainly recommend this club, it's open to single males during the week, Friday & Saturday couples only. http://www.parenclub-mystique.nl''

Parenclub Mystique in Rucphen (near Breda) in The Netherlands

Date: Thursday 4th of August 2016

General information

Parenclub Mystique is a large swingerclub in the southern part of The Netherlands, in the vicinity of Breda. The swingerclub is situated less than 10 km from the border with Belgium and is on the route of Antwerp to the larger cities in The Netherlands (like Rotterdam and Amsterdam).

The address is Zundertseweg 84 in Rucphen

The swingerclub is situated in a wooden area, just outside the town of Rucphen in a small side road of a provincial road. It even has a small road board alongside the provincial road that directs visitors towards the swingerclub. And nonetheless I managed to take the wrong side road, because it is a very small side road and immediately after this side road there is a much bigger one.

The swingerclub is quite discrete, because it is in a wooden area in the countryside and has high trees and fences to block the view from the outside and a long and bending driveway so it not possible to see the parked cars when standing on the small side road.

The parking area is quite big. Nonetheless the parking place is not enough, so there are several parking attendants directing the visitors to a small wood adjoining the parking place (which is part of the premises) to park the car on the right spot. The whole parking process can take around 10 minutes, since there is only one small way in and thus all the cars are in a long row on the premises waiting for directions.

The building is huge. First you have to wait in front of the door for the permission of a big doorman to get in. (This won’t be a problem and goes quite fast). Then on the left side is a counter where you pay the entrance fee. In addition they ask your first name and write it down and subsequently they give you a number (which they write on your hand and is only visible under a certain light) and a locker key. Then you can go down stairs to the locker room. When you are undressed they take your locker key and put in a large glass object. When you want your locker key back, they check the number on your hand and give you the right key. When all the lockers are taken, you can put your stuff in some sort of suit bag which is put in a designated room and guarded by staff. 

When you go further left you encounter the toilets on your left side and downwards stairs to the locker room on your right side. Then on the left side there are the showers and the towels and a bit further there is a very large hot tub (for about 25 people). Back to the hall again. Then on your left side is a small play room which is partly fenced, so people can enter the room and watch but it is clear that you can only join them when you are directly invited. (This swingerclub doesn’t have any rooms that you can close from the inside, so when you don’t want to have any interferences this room is the best option.)  Then on the right side is a door, through which you can walk to the terrace and the swimming pool. A few meters later the hall ends and you can go either right of left. When you go left you enter a large play room (with an adjoining small play room), through which you can also enter the before mentioned hot tub. When you go right you enter the dark room area. The first room is semi dark and has a bed. At the end of this first room there is an opening and when you are standing in this opening all you can see is darkness. Since Jerboa has been sexually inappropriately touched by other men in this very dark area, I didn’t venture going further than the first room and thus have no idea how large this very dark area is. Back to the counter again. When you go right you see the room where they keep the suit bags on your left and the smoking room on your right. Then you encounter a large bar and a dancefloor with a pole in the middle. Adjoining is the ‘living room’ with several couches, tables, a bed and a large screen with porno. And on the left side of the ‘living room’ there is a large curtain. On the other side is the eating area. Through the eating area you can enter the terrace and the swimming pool. The swimming pool is quite large and the garden is also quite big. Since it was not very hot and a bit rainy I didn’t enter the swimming pool.
After you have walked through the ‘living room’ there is a small hall. A bit further there is the sauna.
This was the ground floor area. In the small hall there is a large stairway which leads to the first floor. When you go to the left there is a small play room and a very small play room. Besides there is big old wooden chair standing in the hall way. When you go to your right there is a large play room with two small and one large section.

Parenclub Mystique organizes a Mega Gangbang every first Thursday of the month. This is the busiest day of the month. Normally single men cannot enter the first floor areas without the company of a woman, but since it is a gangbang men can enter all the sex areas unrestricted.
The downside of the gangbang, in comparison with a normal day, is that the food is mediocre. Normally they offer beefsteaks, hamburgers, etc. On a gangbang day they don’t. In the afternoon they offer several salads, sausages, etc. Besides they have a toaster for grilled cheese sandwich and a small griddle where you can bake your own pancakes or eggs. In addition, in the evening they offered a rice and a pasta dish. Both were a bit clotted though.

Everything is included, both drinks and food. Even strong drinks are included.

It costs 80 euros (though their website states that it costs 75 euros on Thursday). All the women are genuine swingers, so there aren’t any paid women. The gangbang starts at 14.00 and end at 1.00 in the night.

Between 14.00 and 18.00/19.00 is the busiest time. (For example I fucked 5 of the 7 women in this time frame, not only because I had more lust but also because there was more activity.) From that moment on it decreases slowly, with perhaps a small increase around 20.00 when people whom had a normal working day attend. Around 22.00 it becomes harder to find a good fuck, but it is still possible. Between 23.00 and 00.00 it gets quite empty in the rooms and you really have to look for some action and thus there probably won’t be much choice. Therefore the staff already starts cleaning the first floor. After 00.00 it gets even harder. They clean the hot tub and the empty rooms on the ground floor between 00.30 and 00.45  and after 00.45 you are not allowed in the bar area anymore, because the staff is cleaning this area and therefore 00.45 is effectively the closing time.

What I heard from other guests was that the turnout was quite high, even for a Mega Gangbang. I think that around the busiest moment there were around 200 – 250 persons and in total somewhere between 400 and 500 persons. I think that around 20 – 25 % of the guests were female.
There were many international guests: I heard guests speaking English, French, Flemish and German.

The information in the two paragraphs above can of course vary per Mega Gangbang, depending on whether it is a holiday period or not, the weather, etc.

The building is a bit outdated, but not to an extent that it bothers me. 
Website: http://www.parenclub-mystique.nl/
(When you choose ‘rondleiding’ you will see some pictures from the inside and outside of the building.)


I entered the premises around 13.50 and there were already many cars parked and there were also many cars waiting to be directed to a parking spot.

I entered the building around 14.00. After the formalities and after I undressed myself I explored the building. I was quite satisfied with the scale and all the facilities. Moreover I was also quite happy with the fact that it was also rather busy around opening time. One thing I was disappointed about was the age composition, not only many couples and single women in the age category 40 – 50 (I am used to that), but also many couples and single women in the age categories above that. That was a minor setback.  Because of the massive turnout, there were still plenty of options fortunately.

Nonetheless, it was a good day. I fucked 7 different women (and came five times).

After I was done with exploring the building I saw a woman getting gangbanged on the bed of the large play room next to the hot tub. She was in her late forties, slightly chubby, normal face and normal tits. Since I had not jerked off for about a week I was really horny and a bit restless. After stroking her tits and being jerked off a bit I fucked her in doggy style and came within two minutes.

Next I encountered a very hot woman in a playroom upstairs. She was in her early forties, had a pretty face, enormous tits and was chubby. Her partner was having sex with her for a long time and during that time she wasn’t fucking or sucking anyone. For some reason her partner couldn’t get an orgasm, despite all her efforts. Many men came in but left, because they didn’t want to wait any longer. Since I found her really attractive I didn’t mind waiting for my chance. After a long time, her partner was too tired to have sex with her and stopped without having an orgasm. Another guy fucked her first in mish, because he already licked her pussy for a while. After he was done I immediately took my chance. Since I found her very attractive and there was a long build-up I came within a few minutes. After I was done she stood up and went to the bar area. Anyways, my patience was rewarded.

After this nice fuck I went to the hot tub for some relaxation. After a while a couple entered the hot tub and the woman sat down next to me. It was a Dutch-Indonesian woman in her late forties, short, normal face and body. After a few minutes I felt a female hand around my cock. She saw my surprised face and asked for permission to continue. Of course I gave her permission to continue. First she was stroking my cock and then she was wanking me off. After a while she sat down on my lap, rubbing my cock with her but cheeks. We were stroking each other and she was kissing my cheek, neck, etc. After a while she began to ask me certain questions, ‘do you have a girlfriend’, ‘do you often visits swingerclubs’, ‘do you often have sex’, etc. I sensed where this was going: she was making a risk analyses. And indeed there it was: she asked me to have unprotected sex with her in the hot tub. She suggested she could just slide down on my cock and ride me. She was already sitting down on my lab, in one second she could sit down on my cock, and I was really horny. I was a bit tempted, but I declined because of my own safety rules. I explained to her why I declined and she understood my standpoint. Then we continued to the small play room where you can have sex without being much interfered. First she sucked my cock. Then she put a condom on and rode me. She rode me very good and it was even better because I felt that she had a tight pussy. I came within a few minutes. After I came she kept riding me a bit until me dick wasn’t stiff enough anymore. She kissed my cheek, neck, shoulder and we pressed our bodies together. She asked me for permission to come and of course I gave her permission. I thought how could you come when you are sitting on a dick that isn’t stiff anymore and why do you need permission? After about a minute I felt a warm liquid alongside my cock, then I felt a warm liquid on my public area and then on my legs and belly. She was so extremely horny that she didn’t need much tangible stimulation in order to come. I have never experienced this before, I was surprised but it was a nice and funny experience nonetheless.
She turned out to be a true nymphomaniac. I saw her having one-on-one sex with about five men during the entire day (so she might have fucked a dozen guys during the day). At the end of the day I was really glad that I didn’t engage in unprotected intercourse with her.   

After a thorough shower I ventured to the first room of the dark room area. This room was semi-dark and since someone opened a window curtain there was barely any darkness. There was a woman in her late thirties lying on the bed on her back and her partner was next to her. She was quite slim and tall and had a normal face. Her partner urged men to fuck her in mish and then come on her tits. I fucked her in mish for a few minutes and since I didn’t want to waste my orgasm on her tits I said that I couldn’t come and left.

After a break I went upstairs. There I saw a very attractive woman. She was mid-forties and looked a lot like former US porn star Veronica Rayne (except that she didn’t have big fake tits, but normal natural tits). Her partner was very dominant and she very submissive. He sat on the big old wooden chair in the hall way and he demanded the woman to suck the guys in front of her and when she wasn’t eager or fast enough he stood up and  grabbed her head with one hand and her neck with the other and made sure that the cock went inside her throat to the max and that she changed partners fast enough. Then he demanded her to let herself get fucked from behind in the pussy (and when she didn’t work hard enough with contra movements he would slap her in the face). Subsequently he demanded her to let herself get fucked in the ass from behind. She looked very hot and I found this play also really stimulating. First I fucked her from behind in her pussy and then I fucked her from behind in her ass. After a while I got some time to fuck her really hard from behind for several minutes in a row. This was enough for me to come.

After the last fuck I took a very long break: had dinner and went into the hot tub.

After the long break I saw a woman in her late forties, tall, slim, short hair and a fairly pretty face getting fucked in mish on a coach in the ‘living room’. Other men tried to participate but she and her partner made clear that their interference wasn’t appreciated. Since I thought I might get the same reaction, I decided to wait until she is done and then start a nice conversation with her and move forwards from there. Fortunately this strategy worked. We spoke for a while and she introduced me to her partner. After a while she began to stroke my cock and jerk me off. Then she gave me a blow job. Next I fucked her in mish while she was sucking her partner. After a while she rode my cock. I almost came a few times. But after riding me for some while she was tired and went to the bar area.

After this fuck I took a long break again. After many orgasms it takes more time to recharge. It was already over 22.30 and most people left or were inactive (resting, socializing, drinking, etc.). I wanted to have one last good fuck before I left, but it was hard to find one. About an hour later most rooms were empty and only a few women were active, they were all below my standards or didn’t allow single men. Because I was eager for one last fuck, and under the impression that no better options would come along, I let myself get jerked off by an old and curvy woman. I decided to have one extra round around the ground floor before I would go further. In the first room of the dark room I spotted a woman whom was clearly younger than the one that was jerking me off before. Since there was no natural light coming in anymore it was indeed semi dark and I couldn’t see her properly. (I could establish that it was a woman though. :D) She sucked me off. Then a young woman in her early/mid- twenties entered the room with her older boyfriend. I had seen them before, so I knew that she was hot. She was sitting on the edge of the bed getting fucked by her boyfriend from behind in her pussy. I had seen them together the whole time without any other men so I didn’t expect much. But she was a crazy girl, all of a sudden she shouted ‘who dares to fuck me?’. One guy beat me to it. But after he was done I fucked her from behind in her pussy and liked it very much fucking such a young bird for a change. Despite all the previous orgasms I came within several minutes. I was very satisfied with fucking her this late in the evening and just before all the sexual activities in the building ended. It shows once again that patience is often rewarded.


The Mega Gangbang by Parenclub Mystique was good, but didn’t meet my expectations. I was under the impression that it was the top of the gangbang scene, but I hope it isn’t. I had the same expectations about the Thursday gangbang in Insomnia (Berlin), which I visited a week earlier. Insomnia also didn’t deliver (I will write about this in another report).

The aspects that met the expectations were: size of the building, facilities, number of guests and unlimited booze.

The aspects that were disappointing:
1) age composition of couples and single women:
A lot of very old guests does not only limit your choice (although there is plenty left), but is also affects the social atmosphere a bit because there is, to some extent, an invisible division between the very old guests and the ‘younger’ (roughly under the age of 50) guests. 
2) the activity, or better said inactivity, of the very hot women:
There were close to 10 very hot women. This number on itself is all right, but most of them didn’t fuck with single men or didn’t fuck with anyone other than their partner. (The hottest one of them all only wanted spunk on her tits, and only ‘helped’ men by jerking them off.)  Because of this I only fucked two women from this category. Normally, during a gangbang, I want to fuck at least 50% of the women in this category present.

I will visit this gangbang again, but it is not like I want to visit this gangbang every month. I have to say though that, also considering the facilities and unlimited free booze, 80 euro is very good VFM.
When you are planning a trip to the Benelux or the western part of Germany I would recommend you visit the Mega Gangbang. I wouldn’t recommend this gangbang as the sole or main purpose of your trip though.         

Offline Jerboa

A very good detailed report Van B, yes it can be easy to miss the club, before my trip I studied google street view, to my surprise the country lane and entrance appeared, were you walking around with a pen and notebook or do you have photographic memory?  :P I understand you had some reservation about ages of the guests, as we know many swingers are over 40, I did see some 20's something's in my own trip there, but can never guarantee, might be that it being August many were away on holiday. Shame the weather wasn't so good, as the outdoor pool would be a good place to relax between shags.

A very good detailed report Van B, yes it can be easy to miss the club, before my trip I studied google street view, to my surprise the country lane and entrance appeared, were you walking around with a pen and notebook or do you have photographic memory?  :P I understand you had some reservation about ages of the guests, as we know many swingers are over 40, I did see some 20's something's in my own trip there, but can never guarantee, might be that it being August many were away on holiday. Shame the weather wasn't so good, as the outdoor pool would be a good place to relax between shags.

I am always quite thorough and observant.  :D

Regarding the age aspect. I also saw around 7 or 8 girls in their twenties. Most of them only fucked with their partners. Two of them were there only for a short time and then left. 7 or 8 swinger girls in their twenties is not disappointing, because I know they rarely visit gangbangs.
And the presence of very old swingers on itself is also not disappointing, because you see them at every gangbang.

It is just that, in comparison with the gangbangs I visited this far, there was another age composition: relatively less 30-40 and 40-50 and more 50-60, 60-70 and 70+. And like I said, given the massive turnout there still was plenty of choice.

Most swinger women I fuck are in their forties. I don’t mind fucking women whom are 20 years older than me, as long as they are still attractive. And since I also like MILF’s there are plenty of women in their forties whom can turn me on.

A GILF on the other hand is in principle not an option for me.

I will probably try again in the winter period and see whether or not there are any significant differences.   

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