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Author Topic: SimonaVIP – Shirley/Solihull  (Read 726 times)

2 review(s) for SimonaVIP (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Was in town for a wedding reception. After about 8pm, I had the horn and as I had made an effort with my tux, appearance etc., I felt like booking a cheeky punt. Plans A,B,C,D,E and F were all either booked or had finished for the evening. It was getting late, but I found this WG showing up as ‘available’. £80 for 30mins.
Comms 3/5. By text – Slow to respond, especially when I asked her for her dress size and height. No help given on where to park.
Venue 4.5/5 Rochester Hotel, Shirley/Solihull. Surprisingly nice hotel with free parking.
Face 4/5  Body 4/5 – Naturally pretty lady. Fair skin with good complexion and nice hair. Pussy wasn’t the most appealing. Not great with comparisons, but looked a bit like a blonde and cuter version of Steffi Graf. She said she has been told she looks like Taylor Swift, which made me chuckle (dream on love). Size 10-12 on top, and 12 - maybe 14 - below. Great body and butt to grab onto. At a guess, nice C-cup boobs with some natural ‘hang’ to them. Mid 30s seems about right. If I were to give her 'MILF ratings' for face and body, it would be 5/5. Good English.
As soon as I saw her I was thinking this could be a great pump & dump.

Services taken part in: 1 lip on lip kiss as I left, OW for 20 seconds, Sex.
Services enjoyed: Sex was fine. I simply pumped away in a variant of Mish as she folded her legs back in a way that basically said “pump me for all you’re worth” - and I did.
Pump & Dump Rating 3.5/5

So, why the negative? Well her likes list is a bunch of lies. She doesn’t allow RO because she is scared of infections. She insists on a shower, which is ok but when I went in there I could find another 3-4 wet towels hanging to dry on the shower curtain. In the end, I used a small face towel to dry off. She lists FK, but does not offer it. OWO is also another lie. She is one of these passive aggressive types and the punt was very rushed as she had somewhere to be. She doesn’t understand that by deceiving punters, and thinking she is smart by doing so, will hurt her earnings in the long run. Her service will never improve as I got the impression she’s one of those ladies who does not like what she does at all, but is too lazy to get a regular job like the rest of us. I really digged her looks, but her attitude was horrible.
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2 review(s) found for SimonaVIP linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline getonit

I was going to say ' did you not see my review? ' but then I can see that the crafty cow has a new profile. I saw her again recently but not by choice but as a B & S so she is part of a touring group.

This was my review of her :


Yep, that's her. Although, that pic was prob taken a while back and she has full make-up on in the pic.

Put this one behind me and I will be back, and hope to sample some of B'ham's finest next time!
Would love to see ACP and the rest...

Infact, I had planned to see Sophie (big titted brunette, city centre) but comms were a bit shit.
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