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Hello folks, long-time lurker, first time caller... have been using this forum to check out the reviews for so long it's only right I contribute. I'm not from here and it's so much easier where I am - choose, call, drive there and have fun :D No car here and never used Adultwork in my country so it's all been new to me. I am well out of practice too as I was being faithful etc, but let's just say my circumstances have changed (unfortunately and fortunately at the same time) and now it's time for me to have some fun!

Not being used to the way things worked here, and not having a car here, I had to put a lot more planning into it that I expected. In the end, the plan with the least amount of effort won out because I just could not complete a booking for all my efforts and attempts at arranging.

There's no agencies where I'm from, all girls are "independent" (believe that if you will), but from reading reviews I got the impression that agencies can be pretty good here. After a few tries and near misses off Adultwork this week, I took the plunge with agencies even though I was still wary. Still had trouble getting something organised because girls get booked up so fast here, Nicky works close to me in Gateshead and so when I texted Amour this morn and they said she was available soon, I just took the plunge!

Comms great, booked for half hr, bit of difficulty finding the place which is natural considering I'm not from round here but got there eventually. Top of a hill in Felling not far from the metro. Nicky was wearing exactly what I wanted and was friendly and personable.

Nicky is an older lady, everyone knows that, so leaving that aside... what a cracking body she has. What a hot, petite body. I know people get pretty detailed in their reviews here but I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that. However, I can say that there's things I like, just like anyone, and she fulfilled everything I wanted with enthusiasm. All in all, a very pleasant punt.

Obviously, if you're looking for a stunning young thing, then she won't be for you. It suited me down to the ground this afternoon and broke my NE duck. Looking forward to getting on top of my schedule and getting to see some of the top girls around here :)

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