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Offline SBM


I'll come clean and from the outset will point out that this meeting didn't actually go ahead.  I was in two minds whether to go neutral or negative but chose the latter.

Having a particular itch to scratch on a Saturday morning, I decided to take a punt on Hotty69box.  Everyone's tastes are different and having had a look at her profile, the MILFY thing was floating my boat.  Her profile suggests she's been messed around previously, so I dropped her a text asking if there was any availablility on the day.  The response was mighty quick (a couple of minutes!) so all signs were good and she had availability at one o'clock.  Good stuff and I have a few hours before I need to think about heading over.

A reply was sent to confirm.  I also asked for a postcode so that I could get to the general area and asked if she'd like a booking putting through AW so that I could leave feedback later.  No response.  Not really a problem though and, after all, it's Saturday and she might be out or have another appointment.  As it gets closer to one o'clock though, still no response, so I get back in touch to ask if she's received my last message.  Her reply is that she's running late and could we reschedule for two o'clock. 

Now that's a bit annoying; plenty of time to let me know in advance.  I'm good to go though and as I've put other plans on the back burner, I may as well take it on the chin, so I say yes and ask her to let me know if she's ready any sooner.  I also asked again for a rough area so that I know where I'm heading.  No response.

I should probably have gone with my gut at this point and just sacked it off, but feeling hopeful, I headed over to Thornaby and at two o'clock, there was still nothing.  I finally gave up at half two and haven't had a response to anything since.

More fool me really, but a misplaced sense of optimism and a little bit of good feedback on AW meant I was prepared to go with it for longer than I otherwise would have.  Annoyingly, there's so much on her profile about being messed around previously and not dealing with timewasters that it's obscenely hypocritical to have wasted so much of my time without even an acknowledgement or apology.  Yes, I'm pretty annoyed and by the time I'd given up, it was pretty much too late to make an appointment with anyone else.

So, Hotty69box.  Epic time wasting.  I may have missed out on the best punt of my life here, but it's definitely three hours of my life that I won't get back.  Tread carefully!

2 review(s) found for blondebombshell1969 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Bangman

I have been keen to meet her but it represents a 180 mile round trip so will probably give her a miss or at least have a plan b.
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Offline Moresomes

I have been keen to meet her but it represents a 180 mile round trip so will probably give her a miss or at least have a plan b.

I've had my eye on her for a few weeks, but it's a fair travel for me too, so having seen this review I don,t think I'll be chancing it.
Thanks for the heads up.   :hi:

Offline SBM

I really was keen to meet her and the previous AW feedback gave a degree of confidence in an otherwise fairly new profile.  It was't a massive journey over for me, but it was still a massive waste of my time and a single message back would have saved plenty of hassle and let me get on with my day (or make alternative arrangements!).  I'd have been really, really annoyed if I'd made a bigger journey to be messed around in the same way though!

Offline Bangman

When you do  actually meet these type of girls I find they get really fucked coz your angry and frustrated you take it out of them in good hard sex way !
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 Thanks for the heads up on this one , have looked at the profile and considered her before
 but something kept saying  don't bother ,

also I just noticed she wants a  deposit for an out call !!!!!!
Rule no 1 no deposits -  looks to be a bit of a time waste , who thinks too much of herself
 :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Offline coolguy1990

That's a big shame. I had my eye on her too.
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Oh dear, wouldn't travel to the end of the street to see this one if you are gonna get messed about like this.   :thumbsdown:

One to cross off the list.......  Thanks for the heads up

Offline Still-alive

Thanks for the review, had her number on the punterphone, now taken it off. She does seem a bit up her own arse for a rather unattractive woman.
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