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Author Topic: anne-marie92 - Adultwork #3640107 - Touring Cambridge  (Read 1136 times)

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Offline Magellan

anne-marie92 https://www.adultwork.com/3640107 or https://www.adultwork.com/anne%2Dmarie92

I met this girl in early July when she was touring Cambridge. I originally went to meet her (then) flatmate Charlotte Slutt xxx (Adultwork #3448111), who has a verified profile as Australian but it turned out that the profile was a total bait and switch (both fake pics and fake nationality). Due to the bait and switch I was about to walk, but before doing so I requested to check out the other girl that was working from the flat. I was already expecting that the other girl working from there would be the girl behind the anne-marie92 profile (which back then was still not verified) and I wanted to see whether the pics on that profile were fake too. To my positive surprise Anne-Marie's pictures were actually genuine and as she was my alternative plan anyway I decided to stay for half hour £60. And it was OK enough for 10 minutes.

Location --- 6/10
+ Good location in Central East Cambridge.
+ The room size was adequate and the room was tidy.
+ Modern and clean bathroom.
Not the easiest place to find.
x The flat had only one bedroom. It didn't affect me but I don't know what happens when both girls are booked at the same time.

Comms --- 4/10
+ Fast comms
+ Booking started without delay.
+ I booked at short notice (25mins before booking time).
x Comms are text-only and are handled by their pimp/receptionist. As a matter of fact Charlotte blatantly admitted that the texts were answered by her 'agency'.
x Pimp/receptionist answers questions about services with lies (tells you what you want to hear).

Physical --- Looks: 7/10, Body: 6.5/10
+ Facially decent looking. A girl next door. She does look more or less like her profile pictures although during the booking she was either without or with very little make-up. I give her 6.5-7/10 for how she appeared in the booking while for the pics (where she does wear make-up) I give something in-between 7 and 7.5.
+ Advertised age 24y.o seems legit.
+ Nice petite body. Size 6, 5 feet 5inches tall, pert 32C tits and tight ass.   
Few very small tattoos (but very discreet).

Side note --- Anne-Marie claimed to be from Bilbao, Spain. Charlotte had previously admitted she is not Australian (well she couldn't pretend to be Australian anyway due to the language) but she said she is Spanish and denied being Romanian. When she called Ann-Marie to the room they started speaking Spanish to each other and Anne-Marie had good knowledge about the Basque country. For what is worth Anne-Marie has a verified profile as Romanian and though this could be sufficient evidence to prove she is lying about being Spanish/Basque, I don't find it outside the realm of possibility that these two girls are in fact from Spain but work behind two verified profiles (Australian and Romanian) that their agency verified with using other girls. After all this agency got their hands on a verified Australian profile. But chances are they are in fact Romanians.

Experience --- 4.5/10
Events' time placement --- This booking started at (say) 2pm. After Charlotte's B&S, the selection of Anne-Marie and the payment, sexual action eventually commenced at about 2:06pm. She started nagging me to cum at 2:16pm and I eventually came at around 2:21pm. I stepped out of the flat at 2.27pm, the 6 minutes were spent on chatting and dressing up. Overall I spent inside the flat 27 minutes and I only had 15 minutes of sexual activities (in particular 10 unrushed fairly enjoyable minutes + 5 rushed and less enjoyable minutes).

+ Nice girl with a friendly and polite personality.
+ Offered OWO. She normally charges £20 extra for it and in fact initially she asked £20 and proceeded to only offer OW but then during 69 she sucked me without and without asking extra money. Presumably she liked me! Ha! Anyway her blowjob, both covered and uncovered wasn't anything special. Just OK but nothing to write home about. Still I am now writing about it in a review!   
+ Nice ball-sucking and ball-licking.
+ For the 10 unrushed minutes of action, sex was good. I fucked her quite hard and she was passionate enough making appreciative noises.
+ She cared about spicing things up. She was kissing back also doing body kissing and ear sucking by her own initiative. She also attempted to finger my arse and though I didn't allow her doing so (my anus is an exit-only orifice) it still shows that she wasn't a dead fish.
+ Nice tight pussy.
+ OK handjob.
+ Speaks good enough English.
Didn't use or check her phone while the action was on. She checked it briefly when I started dressing up to leave though. 
No proper French kissing or DFK. Just light FK. Mostly kissing on lips with the occasional lip-lock. She did open her mouth too but very sparsely and tongue interaction was virtually non-existent. I should add here that before handing over the money I specifically asked whether by FK she means kissing with plenty of tongue and she said 'of course, that is what French kissing is, baby!' What a liar!
No CIM (not advertised) or facials (advertised). I doubt anal (advertised) is offered either. Not in the fee for sure.
Initially refused to allow reverse oral, though she eventually allowed it.
x Short-changing in sexual action (only 15 minutes in 30mins booking). She also rushes you to cum after only 10 minutes of action.
x Many services advertised on her profile are nothing but a lie.

Final Words
The rushing/nagging to cum and the time short-changing in sexual action coupled with the whole B&S with Charlotte at the start make this a negative. Otherwise it would have been a neutral. If she is touring your area and your area's options are one worse than the other then probably go for her for a £60 30mins pump-n-dump. But otherwise I do not recommend her.

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x Many services advertised on her profile are nothing but a lie.

Dont they all do that though?. I often wonder if Sergi ever understand those matters expect not.

And anyway they need to proffer as much bullshit to get the punters in.

Shame about her a few things improved, a bit better attitude, and that could have been a decent positive;(

Online Turtle Z

Interesting because I felt sure this was a fake profile. I emailed her for an appointment weeks ago but the email still hasn't been opened. Obviously one to avoid anyway.

Cheers for the review.  I was tempted when she was touring in the Milton Keynes area but glad that I gave her a pass based on your review.

Online hullad

Thanks for the report, I just wish more would report instead of lurking, leeching and putting sod all in.

She us in the Hull area at the moment and I had tge urge and the time, as always a check on UKP.

Another bullet dodged,  :yahoo:

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