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Author Topic: Jessika Massage - Leytonstone  (Read 3637 times)

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Offline Camoron

If that site doesn't work, her number is 07774845428 (same as displayed on the site)

As I mentioned in the thread here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=66683.0 this is the review.

Location: Mid terrace house in residential area that has been hacked into 2 units. 10 minutes walk from Leytonstone tube station. Parking available around.
Price paid: £50, one hour
Services sampled: Massage with hand relief

If you have read the previous reviews of her, you'll know she is quite tall and absolutely good looking. She has a very good figure which is a pleasure to watch while she works on your front anyway.
Her English is good so will happily chat if that is your thing.

She is fully clothed (skimpy, very short pants and tight top) for the massage, no bra under her top. Touching is allowed. Massage is good which is the reason I go and the HR at the end is just a nice bonus.

From chatting with her, she has a part time day job now so working hours may vary. Best to contact her and ask I think.
Very VFM and I hope it stays that way.

Offline anton216

Hi, what time did you see her? Is she available in the evenings?

Offline LL

Thanks for the review. On her website I couldn't find a £50 massage. The full body massage is £40. So presumably the extra tenner is for the tug job at the end? :D

Offline Camoron

I believe she should be around evenings. This recent meeting was the first i went on a weekday, after office hours.

Previously seen her on Saturdays.

There was previously no price on her adverts and was always 50/h as I knew it from the earliest review of her here. First time I booked, I confirmed with her anyway.

Offline bungry

what sort of nipples do you think she has....do they stick out of her top, ie erect/long?  I am tempted but just out of my way a bit....

Is it just the one pop you get in an hour ? Will probably blow from the energy the way things sound on here  :wacko:

Offline Camoron

IIRC, nips do stick out but can't elaborate more than that! Her boobs are not natural anyway so they look really good size and shape wise under the top.

So far always did a one pop as the built up and anticipation (ya, ya even though I know I am gonna get it lol) is nice.

I've tried calling her several times, it rings but she never picks up he phone. Anyone know if she is using a different number?

Offline jimijimi

I confirmed last week that she is working from 6pm on Mon&The and the rest of the week 10am-8pm.

What are you talking about - can't see any posts by you confirming anything?

Offline webpunter

Any chance of an oily tit-wank for some xtra folding ?  Has a resemblance to one A.Jolie when younger

Offline jimijimi

I thought this might help.
I texted her using same number last Friday and received a reply on weekend saying she had been busy.
As other mentioned, she has now part-time job so I confirmed her schedule.
Just leave her message and you'll get reply

Offline siddy87

I Saw her around a year back..She does topless for £60

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