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Author Topic: Luiza/Stunninggirl687/Indyra Ray Luton  (Read 289 times)

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This is a review of my 3rd punt which happened back in early July.

Profile Link - https://www.adultwork.com/3547958

Some confusion here. The above link is the one I used to contact her but now the phone number is different and the girl in the current pictures does not look like her. She went under the username stunninggirl687 and referred to herself in the profile as Luiza Spice Girl which is how I will refer to her in this review.

The girl I saw also advertises on Vivastreet as Indyra Ray and has the same phone number I used. However she referred to herself as Romanian in the above profile and Indian in the below one.


Price - £60 for 30 mins plus extra £20 for OWO

Location - Flat above shops in central Luton. Up a side street quite near the casino and also the police station! Plenty of parking nearby. Entry to flat via a telecom door opening into an alley and door up steps at rear of property. Inside quite nice, warm carpeted stairs leading to a small bedroom with sloping roof and a skylight. Nice double bed with clean satin sheets. Unsure about shower facilities as I wasn't offered one but I had showered in the hotel beforehand. There was another WG sharing the flat but I didn't get a good look at her.

Comms - Fancied a punt as I was in the area so looked at who was available and chose Luiza. I rang the number in the vivastreet profile and she answered herself. Good English spoken with an accent. Agreed services (30 mins, OWO) and she texted the house number and postcode. I arrived at the address which turned out to be a closed shop (this was approximately 10.30pm) and rang her back to see what was going on. She then directed me to a door further up the street on the opposite side. I know this was a security measure and the street was empty at that time but it would be awkward if it was busier and during the day. I was buzzed in through the doorway into a pitch black alley which led to the entrance around the back.
Looks - This is where things picked up. She is the girl in the vivastreet pictures above. around 5 ft 3 tall , slim, olive skinned pretty face. Red lipstick and heavy eye make up. Good sized breasts (b-c cup) toned legs and a great bum. She seemed to have a mole beside one of her eyes(or maybe just a make up smudge) but apart from that the pictures are an accurate representation. She wore a red babydoll and I got a great view of her arse as I followed her up the stairs. She was barefoot but has nice legs as can be seen from the photos but unfortunately she wasn't wearing stockings and I had forgotten to ask her to wear some. She had a nice looking shaved pussy.

Meeting - Into the bedroom and I handed over the cash and got undressed. She quickly undressed too which was a shame as I would have liked her to have kept her lingerie on for a while. I began playing with her boobs which had nice dark nipples and were quite firm and moved in for a kiss. Only below the neck, although her profile lists French kissing at discretion and I suppose I should have confirmed beforehand. After a while I moved on to the reason I was here the OWO. This was my first experience of OWO with a WG so I wanted to savour it. Out came the baby wipes and she gave my (showered within the previous half hour) cock a good cleaning. Having passed the inspection she began sucking and I have to admit it was very good. Good suction, alternating between deep and shallow strokes and nice tongue action. I placed my hands behind her head and placed light downward pressure on her bobbing head which she didn't seem to mind. This was the best part of the punt however it didn't last long.

Soon (sooner than I would have liked) she asked Sex? I said to continue with the OWO for another while which she did but about a minute later she stopped and began rotating her jaw from side to side as if she was in pain. As flattering as it would be to think that I possess a Johnson capable of dislocating a WG's jaw I know this is not the case and she was merely trying to get on with the sex so I agreed ( I was then, and still am, inexperienced and not as forceful as I should be). On with a condom and we began with her on top which was actually nice as I could play with her tits. I then went into doggy and gave her a good pounding for a few minutes, slamming against her nice meaty arse. During this she answered her phone which was actually a turn on as I went faster to try and put her off. I unloaded into the condom with a final thrust inside her and she quickly wiped herself down with a babywipe and threw one at me. She quickly put on her babydoll and I got dressed and left.

On the way out as I went down the dark alley to the door there were 2 other men in there obviously buzzed in. I'm not sure if they were Sergei or the punter she was just on the phone to but it was pretty unnerving. Nothing was said, no eye contact made but it was unpleasant and also raises hygiene issues as to the time between customers.

I rated this as neutral as she was a good looking girl, the oral was good while it lasted and the sex was decent. The unpleasantness at the end, the shortness of the oral and the misleading directions at the start were the downsides. If I was to return I would confirm services (kissing etc) beforehand, insist on longer OWO and go earlier in the day.

1 review(s) found for stunninggirl687 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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