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Author Topic: Pleasure Honeys - London (covers Essex)  (Read 589 times)

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http://pleasurehoneys.co.uk/ and http://pleasurehoneys.com

Posted a forum topic on this experience - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=108190.0

I hired Alina (http://pleasurehoneys.co.uk/team/alina/) and if your wondering what Alina really looks like - see attached, CCTV comes in handy lol.

First of all I phoned the number and a decent English speaking bloke answered, answered questions, said Alina was available. Confirmed she looked exactly like photos - his words were along the lines of "we're an agency, we don't use any old photos, these are genuine real photos".

- I'll pretty much copy what I wrote in my other forum topic for the rest of it:

First of, she was over an hour late, secondly I had to walk out across the road to give her further directions, then when I get her into the house shes the complete opposite to the advertised picture - I mean this girl is pretty huge. In honestly the size 8 figure and 32F tits probably should of been suspicious, I mean she'd be falling over right?

Well nothing worked as it should because she was not attractive and the fact that you could smell something like BO  :scare: so we went back downstairs had a cig, and I felt bloody horrible but I had to tell her I couldn't continue. Unfortunately my money (£140) went when she walked in the door. I've phoned the agency and been told the manager will phone me in the morning.

As you can guess, the "manager" never phoned me. I've been advised this is a Bait and Switch tactic.


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Some of the photos are of porn stars and page 3 models so likely to be fake as well as b and s.

Online Hertsgent

On the CCTV image I can't make out if the 32F is her breasts, the first roll of flab, or the second one  :scare:

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