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Offline spz1234


Quickly replied to my email to confirm available. Sent another email on day of booking and confirmed still ok. No telephone number given until just before the appointment which was sent via AW whi h I did not have access to as no internet on punting phone. Thankfully, no issue when kno king on her door.

To be honest, when the door opened, the state of the house shouod have been a big red flag. Stuff strewn everywhere in the front room and the upstairs bedroom was just as bed if not worse. A single bed with crap all over the floor. a wardrobe with a door off its hinges and another single bed standing on its head.

Still, I gave the girl the money and she went away to stash it. To her credit, came back quickly. Appearance wise, shes.a chuby girl but not an unpretty one had she bothered to make an effort which she clearly  hadn't.

Off with the clothes, no effort to make any small talk, a few seconds of kissing, followed by decent owo...but it was then that I noticed something which should have stopped the punt straight away..a needle mark on her left arm.  I against my best judgement, having paid the money, decided to stick   this one out.

Soon she was asking me if I wanted sex, I said yes and she immediately got onto her back on the single bed. No asking what position I wanted or anything. So pounded away a while in missionary and a few minutes after doing this, must only have been 20 minutes into the punt or so, an alarm on a phone starts going off. It stopped so I paid it no mind, a couple of minutes later, it starts again. She then asks the complete boner killer "Are you going to cum soon?". About 20 to 25 minutes into the punt. An hours punt.

So after that, instead of requesting a diferent position, just asked to her to finish me off with more oral and ended with cumming in her mouth.

Got dressed, felt very awkward and left just over half a hour into the meeting.

On the way out, she had to move a brick which came away from the door to be able to open the door and let me out.

Probably my worst punt ever. Avoid at all costs.

1 review(s) found for sexi_Jen91 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online Knny

Bloody hell you paid 120 for that?  Of course she would have been a downer after seeing the likes of emilyblonde in your other review.

I can't think what drew you to that profile.

Better luck next time mate and thanks for the review.

I feel for you man. 😔 It seems AdultWork is getting very mixed reviews

Cheers for that, was about to book a punt with her, but think I'll give she a wide berth now.

Now who should I choose instead, Coventry is becoming a waste ground.

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