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Author Topic: Nicolle Hot Collection  (Read 1316 times)

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Offline jstrongerrrrr

Location: Gloucester Road

It was a toss up between Ava Grace and Nicolle and because I was looking for more of a gfe than a pse I opted for Nicolle. Nicolle shares a modern and clean two bed flat with Rosie just off the Gloucester Road. Nicolle is a very beautiful lady, not quite the slim curves the photos make out, but she is facially gorgeous and was wearing a sweet floral dress with nothing on beneath. She greeted me with a kiss and led me to the kitchen where we shared a glass of wine and a bit more snogging. I could taste the hint of smokers breath but nothing too bad and she is very tactile and gentle which I find a turn on.
We made it to the sparse but clean bedroom, I had a quick shower, again the bathroom is brand new and clean, lots of shower gels etc and returned to the rather innocent looking lady sitting on the bed. At this point I must stress that Nicolle is not the natural shape I go for, I like curvier women but she is very beautiful, a size 6 I think, and she took her dress off to reveal a cracking slim figure(not hard or toned) with small a/b tits. More kissing ensued and a decent OWO. I returned the favour with some RO which she seemed to enjoy although her moans sounded rather OTT.
We switched to 69 with me on top face fucking her which was a real highlight. On with a rubber and I fucked her to a possible orgasm - I say possible because I got the distinct impression she was trying to make me come with about 20 minutes to go and seemed surprised that I had not come with her. I proceeded to bang her frantically whilst kneeling in front of her which made her orgasm again(perhaps) and she finally made me cum with a bj having noted that I was down to my final 5 minutes - although I had 15 minutes left "you have ten for a shower and get ready - sorry".
SO overall it's a positive. Beautiful looking lady, super kisser, gentle but sexy, great 69, decent two, enjoyable sex - but the negatives being probably a little on the skinny side for me, a hint of smokers breath, maybe a touch of faking her exclamations to make me cum and some clock watching at the end.
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

Good agency girls are hard to find, shame she is going home soon with Rosie, that flat has always delivered for me, hope the next inhabitants are of similar standard.

Had a super punt with Nicolle yesterday - lovely girl, very passionate, only minor negatives were replying to a text in the middle of RO and pointing out the time as we were approaching the end (both were a bit out of character with the rest of the meet which was perfect, and I think she was just trying to be responsive with messages /is paranoid about getting jobs and professional given she is new here)

Will try to do a more detailed review, but highly recommended on both looks and service.

Thanks to Yeboah and the OP for the reviews :thumbsup:

Offline pumps

Not a fan of girls telling me how much time there is left, maybe they don't always do it with the thoughts of rushing, we'll never know...

her pics...

Not a fan of girls telling me how much time there is left, maybe they don't always do it with the thoughts of rushing, we'll never know...

her pics...

The pics are accurate, apart from the fact that the photoshop fella has pumped up her tits as hers are very small. I saw her with flatmate Rosie when they had just arrived, it was a very good session, they told me the plan was a short stay and they are leaving soon, maybe cramming in as much cock/cash as possible before buggering off back to Moscow.

Offline Jay72

Personally find the extent of photoshopping with all these agencies a joke - puts me off using them as you never know what you are really getting.

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