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Author Topic: Wales is shite for punting.... isnt it?  (Read 756 times)

Offline wonky

sometimes I go on AW and forget to put a location in and WOW what a bunch of beauties. If we can clone the regular cuties down here brilliant but most times you have to punt at the right time or you are stuck with some random  :timeout:..

since the HNDF has gone it's been poor and a bit hit and miss. couple of asian shops and a few good quality girls who charge a bit steep for people like me.

on nights like this i'm tempted by the shops.. at least you know it's cheap and cheerful. you know service is shit but you have a choice of 5 or so decent girls. On AW with all the random new profiles all the time you could get anything!!

i don't know. just annoyed.  ;)

A few great girls in Cardiff but the best ones - Kandice, Savvie etc - are not cheap.  I also tend to punt in Bristol as there is a lot of choice and some great girls there.  I am dreading the Severn Tunnel being closed for about 6 weeks.  I will have to stick with Cardiff for a while or God forbid try punting again in Newport which is nearer for me.

Offline Redevil86

Down to how often you want / need to punt and how much you have to spend, I don't touch the romas, here today gone tomorrow brigade, to much rushing around and ending up with shite punt, and wasting the money that could have gone on a good punt. I could do that every week 90 to 120 a week ! But My preference is to space them out a bit more and go for kandice, W B, scarlettjo type punt , and I like a ffm now and again, but at £ 300 a time Thay are few and far between but well worth going without for a couple of weeks, at my age I guess I have a bit more patience , but I still slip the odd newbie in to spice it up, but Thay are established girls with good f b etc. and have been over to Bristol, but that was to see jade fox on tour, just something differant, have a list for Bristol alone, there's lots out there , it's more to do with how your big brain plans it out more than chasing what the little head wants now .

Online Corus Boy

Personally I don't think it's shit, but it can be hard work.

Research, here, AW, everywhere.

Patience, don't take any punt just because you're horny!  Punt when you find a likely good candidate.  I know opportunity can overrule reason for many but it will still be better to keep your money safe than waste it on 'big' risks.

And my Number One rule, don't punt with Romanians, no matter how good they look!  It is also the one time I'm happy to ignore good reviews on here, even from other punters who I trust and give a good review.  I feel that the Romanian girls are 'temperamental and moody' and so a punter may be lucky and ring the bell on the right day, at the right time but the next punter to call may get a completely different service.

Finally as has been said in previous posts, there are a limited number of girls who have a 100% track record, they may be beyond your normal price guide but if you want a good punt save and don't waste.

Of course there is also Busty Niki and Sexy Amy if you want a girl that's a bit cheaper, both have been well reviewed here.  Agree with other posts above, research and plan your punt out beforehand, don't just punt with the first girl you see and stay away from all Romanians.

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