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Author Topic: Anyone seen Tank Girl was Le Rouge  (Read 664 times)

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Only just appeared in Swansea and was previously down as Cwmbran.
Seriously love the Ink and wonder if anyone knows further details.
Thanks  :D

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 :hi: Thanks for this  Red. Appreciate the point in right direction
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Offline wonky

If she was in Cardiff tonight my cock would be so deep in her :)

Offline Swansea1

I have fancied taking her for a test drive for a while, and now she is in Swansea...... I may have to give her a call tomorrow.  :rolleyes:

Online Redevil86

She was in Cardiff , ( Roath  area I think ) for ages before she started going off line and poping up all over the place, I know there's some negative shit on the other thread, but you have to consider all you read and make your own mind up, but definitely worth a punt at £100 an hour, again, something different.

Yes I agree Red.... It's the ink that does it for Me. Just unsure as she changed name already today.so thought I'd ask the wise.

Online Redevil86

She changes her name / profile all the time ? Don't know what the point is really as she is the most unmistakable looking girl , probably in the world, don't matter what she wears or what wig or shoes she puts on, you know instantly it's her, I've no tarts and have no desire to have any , but because she is so opposite me ( although I've always been in to motorbikes and heavy rock ) so definitely on my h l for future reference.

For sure. Love her look and opposite to me.. She is certainly Top of my hl even though she doesn't appeal to everyone. That's the thing with punting.
Each to their own. Read rave reviews on greedyava went there but left after quick blowy. She just wasn't for me.

Yeh she's now off my HL she's changed ID and location more than bin laden since Friday!!
Not for me. Shame love the ink

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