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Author Topic: Miss Kim X - London Whitechapel  (Read 392 times)

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Offline a1b2

Miss Kim X -  Whitechapel


Hi. This is my first attempt to contributing to this site.  I have been using it for nearly a year, absorbing all the good information being provided.  I found both this and A….work by chance.   Previously was using some v….street address which had proved to be really unreliable.   If all goes well then I will add some more reviews over the following weeks.


I only started punting last year after a trip to Morocco.   If anyone can remember watching Hungover, well my 4 days in Marrakech felt like that.


Anyways now back to my first contribution.


The following person has been reviewed a few times in past 2 weeks.  But another one won’t hurt. I met her over a month ago.  Arranged via txt which was very quick and easy.


Link:     https://www.adultwork.com/3502449 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+Kim+X



A nice flat not more than 5 mins walk from Whitechapel stn.  The area isn’t the cleanest but flat was clean.   Shower was clean and shower gel provided as well as clean towel.





On her profile she looks very nice.  Her profile is intriguing. Her face is actually quite pretty.  She is tall and 5’8 is reasonable.  And she does have nice skin.   She looks good when she was wearing a top.  However…


She states she is full  of surprises.  She is size 12 which I don’t usually go for but on this occasion her pics looks quite good and she said she was into sex.   But when the package uncovered itself I was in shock.  It was too late to go as I already gave the letter with contents and showered.    I think I know my sizes and goodness she was not a size 12 for me.  More like 14 / 16.   It wasn’t fat. But she is a big girl.  Her thighs were bigger than mine. And I weigh over 100kgs. In fact I looked petite compared to her.


Anyway I persevered in the hope that she would still be a good fuck. Some wishes don’t happen….




For me she was a mix bag.  I couldn’t tell if she was providing a service or wanted me to give her a service.


I asked her how her day was and she said she couldn’t answer that as she doesn’t like talking about her day.  But she asked me the same question 5 seconds earlier.. Weird.


I tried to make the most of it after that and put on a happy face.  I thought no point being upset if you want a good OWO session.   I was wrong again.




OWO was provided but was not deep.  In fact it wasn’t for long.  And she closed her eyes.    It appeared to me she only started this career recently.  I don’t do anal (never tried) but I like to ask the service provider if they do provide it when it is on their profile as a way to get to know them.  She said I was too big.  Now I was having a bad day already and I know I wasn’t that big. This is due to recent back injury which sometimes impacts my love machine, and decides to take it easy and not fully load up.  I knew I wasn’t  at 100%. It would be nice to know if she said the same to other customers. 


We had sex in  mish, doggy and cowgirl.   Her tits are nice.  But they are sensitive.


I was fucking away on top when I accidently hit her tit with my hand when changing positons and she cried out in pain.  It was only a glance.  But she made a big deal out of it.  That put me of my rhythm.  I had to reset and go at it one more time before finishing.








Easy location to get to.

Pretty face.

Lovely tits.





Poor OWO

lack of services which she states on her profile she provides.

Much larger than her photos.   


I wouldn’t go again.


There are much better girls who provide a better service and or more enjoyable to be with.

3 review(s) found for Miss Kim X linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline mrhappypants

Welcome aboard, thanks for your review and go easy with that hard return key :D.


Welcome to the forum. Shame you had a shit punt. Seen her too and my experience was very similar to yours.

She would rake it in if she delivered on the services she advertises.

Offline punther

Do you reckon she would deliver on a facial as its on her likes or its just a farce?

Offline a1b2

Thanks all.

I don't think she would allow facial.   But I never asked.  She say she rides a motorbike and is into the Goth scene.  So maybe...

For her price I have seen prettier service providers in London who have left me smiling because, they are fit, beautiful, and had a good personality. 

I have seen agency girls from playmates leeds who do allow cim, facial, and give  rather devastating DT owo.  But thats another thread.

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