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Author Topic: Holly - Erotic Studios  (Read 841 times)

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1 Hour - £100

I had heard some good things about Erotic Studios and so decided to have a look, rang up to ask who was available and picked Holly. Made a mistake here in the fact that I did not book her so when I arrived she was busy, before killing some time I booked an hour with her and came back later.

Holly personality definitely won me over to the venue, the room I was given wasn't great but Holly was enthusiastic was very sexy (great tits), though she has a bit of a belly on her I did not mind though I know for some that can be a deal breaker.

She was very clear about what was available in the hour and unlike some other parlours it did not pile on the extras for things like owo (incredible deep throat), kissing etc. most of this was inclusive in the hour (no anal though but was worth asking). She was very loud and vocal which I enjoyed and pleasantly surprised when I asked her about the possibility of doing it in the shower, she agreed and though the logistics of doing so in the shower were quite cumbersome, I appreciated it. Overall the experience was a great though next time I probably would like a more spacious room. 

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Thanks for the review Kragdoll01  :hi:

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