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I actually got the chance to meet the girl today and the review goes like this:

Comms - see previous review  https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=108250.0

Location - shithole flat on Woodborough road - Dingy ground floor flat but nice enough bedroom with big comfy bed.... look up and damp patches all of the ceiling!

FEE - £60 for 45 mins (Normally £100 but seeing as she pissed me about for 2 days gave me more time)

Outfit - Boob tube and short skirt.....

The Girl - from previous reports I was expecting a fucking bright light to shine from the heavens and be blinded by her beauty..... in reality pretty face (heavily made up) greasy looking hair with extensions ties up and slightly skinny body which was probably banging a couple of years ago. full lips and enhanced tits but nowhere near her photos on AW!!!

The Punt.....!

So, after exchanging the paper she asked what I like....! I said erm everything? GFE? OWO, reverse oral, face sitting, good fuck etc...DFK after reading the positive review on here I was expecting her to jump me and also after fucking me about for 2 days and promising to make it up to me expecting something special.....she just said ok, im gonna get a drink, offered me one, I declined and off she went whilst I got "comfortable"!

She came back a split second later and said the that reverse oral wasn't something she wanted today as "She had cut herself shaving down there" !!!! WTAF!!!!??

I don't know about you lot but when you've built summat up for 3 days and not had a wank and expecting a great fucking punt and they say...."No reverse oral" it proper puts me off... I get off on that so fuck me I pissed off. the voice in my head was going  :diablo: tell her to forget it and ask for your money back its gonna be shit...... as soon as that voice kicks in im fucked as I cant get into it...!

So she comes back sits on the bed and asks if I want ow or owo... I already told her owo and expect her to be a but seductive as I said I like GFE.... not so....

Baby wipes come out (I just had a shower at the gym, even though im a big lad and need to loose a bit of timber im trying) told her this she wasn't interested... any way she started to get my old chap in her gob, nothing to write home about there... so as is norm and she's on the side I try to have a little tickle and gently massage her clit which is fine at first but every time I go near her pussyhole she shies back like the horrid brass who go "no touch"!!!! she says its because that's where she cut herself shaving..... !

I started to give her the benefit of the doubt but then common sense kicked in.... she's dipped our appointments for 2 days blaming all sorts of shit for messing me about, she's "Cut" her fanny shaving and now doesn't want me to touch her or finger her....... she's been on the blob! No other explanation for it... none!

She then gets a Johnny on and asks how I like it... Reverse cowgirl on her knees ... fuck me it took 5 mins for her to get comfortable... by then my dick had drooped and wouldn't go in....! so there I am apologising like its my fucking fault!!! fuck me I thought this is shit....

I told her to take the Johnny off and give me some more oral... which she obliged with but changed positions 5 times as she wasn't comfortable... now for me if I play with girls pussy or finger her i'll get hard....negative, that weren't happening no more so she just half heartedly sucked my Johnson with nothing happening!!

the other thing that always gets me hard if DFK, so I thought YES she does th9is...so I asked her and she said yes (like I should have to fucking ask GFE!!!)  and she knelt down at my side (couldn't play with her pussy) and sort of half pecked at me whilst I tried to give her FK... it did enough to get hard so back into cowgirl again whilst I was still hard and that was ok enough for me to have a semi decent orgasm but nothing special seeing as im backed up from Sunday at least!

She quickly got off whilst I removed the condom with her giving me some tissue (no baby wipes) and she sort of sat there looking a bit bored...asked me what I was doing for the rest of the day and we chatted for a Cpl of mins about shit work and being ripped off by foreign brass... like I had something to apologise for... she quite frankly made me feel awkward and I just didn't really want to be there. I said again my main thing is pussy, I could eat a pussy until she came before I come and that's my thing.... and she said again that if she hadn't shaved and cut herself then it would be fine.... thing is, when I got the chance to play with her pussy she has a bit of stubble like it hadn't been shaved for awhile so knew this was absolute bollox! why lie about ya gran collapsing and then getting locked out you gaff for 2 days and then to add insult to injury lie about shaving and cutting your fucking mary!!!!???!!! just be fucking honest and say, your on you blob and call me next week when I can be arse???? simple fucking solution!

So, I sort of said that I was fine now and would let her get on with her day. she said it does happen to some men where they build the meeting up and cant perform!!!!! I felt like telling her what fucking for I swear.... but no I was polite and said that if I couldn't so what I wanted and what was on offer its like a switch is flicked off in my brain.... all the while we spoke she was just not bothered... did really want to do anything else even though all this went down in about 15 mins.... I could lay there talking shit or trying to get hard again for 30 mins coz i'll tell you I was fucking frustrated....so, I got dressed, thanked her for her time , she gave me a quick kiss and off I went and sat in my car just shaking my fucking head!!!

If im honest, she was pretty but I just think she's past it still very pretty but was probably at her peak 2 years ago and has been doing this for too long. I always thought that if I was first oin on a working day the girl would be more spritely and enthusiastic but o think with her its probably the other way round and she gets more livelier later in the day after a couple of lines or a drink or whatever turns her into the sexual goddess in other review but I swear to god, my balls have been blue these last 3 days and I even woke up for a piss at 3am today and couldn't sleep for thinking about my meeting..... I cannot express how much I am pissed off, disillusioned, fed up with and nearly ready to pack in wasting my money on fucking rip off merchants, boring skanks and dead heads as well as fucking timewasters.... there's a wet fag paper between me never seeing a brass again or not and right now im off to get pissed!!!  :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare:

https://www.adultwork.com/2396683 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyBlondeCharlotte

5 review(s) found for SexyBlondeCharlotte linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline badsin

Sorry you had a bad experience, however all the warning signs were there from your previous post regards this skank.
She has no interest in even trying to provide a decent service for clients.

Leave her for the mini cab drivers....... that like that type of thing :hi:

Offline NottsDB

Sounds like the punting equivalent of going to the library. I nearly booked her a couple days ago, but i dodged a bullet there didn't i?

Offline sireel

 I always thought that if I was first oin on a working day the girl would be more spritely and enthusiastic but o think with her its probably the other way round and she gets more livelier later in the day after a couple of lines or a drink or whatever

You might be on to something there. I saw her at around midday and she was shit. Wonder if any of the other  people on here who have seen her can shed any light on this trend?.......

Offline Iloveoral

Wow, sorry to hear matey, I wouldn't have gone back after the last review you did on her, especially writing it before your visit wouldn't have helped if she read.

I visited her late at night, around 10.30-11pm she'd been smoking something I'd guess seemed pretty relaxed, the session was good, I was surprised she allowed DFK etc, all services as stated performed, unfortunately the run up to meeting her and comms were shit, I'd gave up months ago trying to get hold of her it was impossible, even on the night I arrived she didn't answer the phone and I thought I'd been fucked over but she called back 10 mins later....

I'd say she isn't reliable and it would appear a punt with her depends on how she is that time of the day, not really one to take a chance on it would seem.

Me personally, I'd have another go on her as I found her pretty and loved the tits :)

Sorry to hear it was yet another bad experience matey, your not having a lot of luck.

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