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    Offline bod666

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    1 hour incall for £140

    The profile is currently called "Pregnant sexy Kylie" and has a photo of someone who is very pregnant - that wasn't the Kylie that I saw yesterday, she may be pregnant - she didn't mention it to me and I didn't notice a baby bump  :unknown: all a bit strange...

    Arranged the meet by text and it was a bit like a spy movie getting directions, I texted her to tell her that I'd parked in the location she told me to - then she called me and gave me final directions to her house.  It all made sense then - she had got me to park in a very convenient location to the house she was working from.
    Apparently she normally works out of hotels so this was a departure from the norm.

    I found the house, let Kylie know I was outside and she opened the door to me.  I was pleased with what I saw - an attractive petite blonde with a great figure (and ample assets in the breast department).  We had a hug and a kiss then she offered me some water and I got to follow her very nice arse up the stairs to the bedroom.

    She said she could tell I was fresh and that I didn't need a shower so we got straight down to the action - I got my clothes off in record time and joined her on the bed.  Started with kissing which quickly turned to OWO, nice action - lot of spit and eye contact, doesn't take it too deep but its very pleasing.  We changed positions a few times so I was lying down, standing, while she gave lil bod oral attention.  While I was fucking her breasts she asked me if it was as good as a pussy (it did feel pretty amazing) then she said the next best thing to a fake pussy - so I admitted to owning a fleshlight.  This encouraged her to offer a new experience on me - she got out a wand vibrator, put a condom on it then proceeded to use it on my cock and balls while the blow job continued - great sensation - felt amazing!!

    Finally moved onto sex, condom on me, she climbed on top all too briefly, then turned around for reverse cowgirl that quickly progressed to what seems to be her favourite position of spooning sex - I wasn't complaining as it meant I could grab hold of her tits as we fucked.  I had to pause several times as I was close to cumming, eventually she declared she wanted to taste my cock again so had me kneeling on the edge of the bed while she was on the floor greedily gobbling away.  I noticed a mirror on the floor so suggested we move in front of that.  While we were fucking I asked if I could cum in her mouth which she agreed to.
    Moving in front of the mirror the sight of me standing with the sexy Kylie at my feet with my cock in her mouth got the sap rising but disappointingly as I told her I was about to cum she moved so I came on her tits instead of in her mouth.  After all the excitement it was a bit of a fountain so some got on her face as well which she didnt seem to mind.

    Clean up then nice massage and chat, then she asked me if I thought I could get hard again - is the pope catholic?  She got me hard with her mouth then used the wand vibrator to get me even harder.  Sex in spoons again, moved to doggy then missionary then a mixture of oral and hand relief to get me to a second shuddering climax.

    I was offered a shower which I gladly accepted as I was a sweaty mess at this point.

    Writing this review it all sounds like best punt ever - it wasn't quite.  She didn't want to do my favourite position of the speedbump/prone bone - sex in missionary wasn't as deep as I'd have liked she had her legs in a position so I couldn't lie on top of her - now I think about it if she is pregnant she may not have wanted to have done those positions to protect the baby?

    This was probably slightly more of a PSE than GFE that I normally go for - but its good to find a SP who can get two rounds out of me in the hour  :thumbsup:

    I planned to see her yesterday but couldn't coordinate times; only noticed the pregnant thing after. But I see that the pregnant thing - picture, blog - has disappeared now. Very strange!!

    Offline Juankerr

    Thanks for the review bod666  :hi:

    It's been a while since I last saw Kylie, soon as I saw the 'pregnant' picture I had my doubts whether it was actually her TBH and what you have said would appear to back that up.

    Offline Dodo

    She could now be taking swabs to identify Daddy  :(

    An interesting thought......what happens if you leave a prossie up the spout through say a leaking Johnny ??
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    She could now be taking swabs to identify Daddy  :(

    An interesting thought......what happens if you leave a prossie up the spout through say a leaking Johnny ??

    The unscrupulous types might just see it as a financial opportunity
    And I wouldn’t be that surprised if the pro$$ie had the chum paying CSA /getting money of them in some fashion

    If she suspected who it could have been and if they are a repeat punter saves the/ gets a DNA sample on the sly had it tested etc.

    Next time said punter turns up for fun well you get the picture :scare:

    Good review Bod. I saw Kylie in July last year at a hotel in Cheltenham. I initially went with the intention of booking for 30 mins but quickly changed to an hour once i'd met her. An attractive, petite blond with decent-sized tits. Great oral skills....i had the vibrator too.....and fucks like a rabbit on Duracells. Massage and chat to finish. All in all a bloody good punt. A definite recommend. She even used my AW review in her profile. Nice girl too but, i agree, more a ose than a gfe.
    I did notice that she was in 'the Woo' this week but it's a bit close to home so 'Mr Tickle' has had to stay firmly tucked in my pants.

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