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Author Topic: DEN!SSA Cambridge  (Read 850 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2065683 or  https://www.adultwork.com/DEN%21SSA

Well time for a punt and had a suitable afternoon time window available. Tried three English girls but for various reasons "No can do sorry".

Shame, tried another likely looker but no answer the phone or respond to texts can't think why they bother so resigned myself to who was available and i rather liked the look of this lady so gave it a shot. Phoned and speaks rather decent English and yes, can do at the time you'd like, texted the address was in the new flats in Northern road by the station. Got there a bit early parked nearby saw some very nice girls wandering around wondered if she might have been one of them?. Came the hour called no reply called again still no reply texted and a immediate response came back seems she was in the toilet?

So anyway when the door rolled back there was a very pleasant surprise in store. It was the girl in the pictures but for a change looking better. Rather pretty and a gorgeous pair of natural boobs:-)

Very pleasant attitude and we got down to business right away.

Not the best punt I've ever had but far from the worst. Only mattered in that she prefers everything like OWO to be covered in case of illness as she said. OK sensible attitude and then rather surprised to find that she did not like a tongue lashing down there seems she had a bad experience as far as I could tell, so on with the rubber and away to a good shag tried a few differing positions but it was very hot and humid in the room and tiring too, plus the bloody bed can't have been more than a few months old creaked like buggery she was profusely apologetic and moved around a bit till we found a quieter position but for the price of those places seems around over a ton a day you'd think they'd use decent bedding!.

Anyway seemed she had a sort of cum so did I and with that finished a bit early but we ended up massageing each other!, she said she liked my strong big male hands! so sweet. Had quite a chat and then left. All in as said not the best but far from the worst and by Rom standards bloody good:-) Pity theres not a few more like her around!

Still remembering  that pair jigging up and down in cowgirl worth a positive for that alone:-)

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8 review(s) found for DEN!SSA linked to in above post (2 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

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