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Author Topic: When AdultWork profiles disappear then reappear…  (Read 938 times)

Offline rathbone

I’ve got a couple of ladies on my Hotlist whose profiles appear and disappear from time to time.  When the profile disappears (they make it inactive presumably) then they disappear from my Hotlist - but when they reactivate it, they reappear on the Hotlist.

Anyhow, one reappeared after a long gap and I immediately sent her an email requesting a booking.  Looks like she replied a few hours later, but when I noticed and logged in the next day, the reply was there in my AW inbox but there was no content in the body of the email, just “The member that sent you this email is no longer active on the site.”  Frustrating as anything, I guess she must have deactivated her account the next day before I had a chance to read it and reply.

Wondered if anyone else had experienced this?  Just wondering if the email will reappear as and when she reactivates her account?  Fingers crossed … she held great promise.  :D

Offline Tierney

Noticed this happen a few times as well. There's one who regularly "takes her profile down" and only appears the day before she's due to be available - normally works for a week then has a fortnight off. However, on her profile I'm still able to read messages from her but from other profiles which I know have definitely been deleted I get "the member is no longer active on the site".

I hate the ones who "park" their profile in a town/city they've probably never heard of, usually at weekends. I can log on to AW on Saturdays and suddenly there's a few porn stars in my town...but they aren't.

Offline rathbone

Answered my own question - the profile reappeared and the email is now readable.  :)

Offline CoolTiger

In summary, you can't read any replies in AW if profile has been deleted permanently. Should you have phone numbers given to you by PM, store them on your punting mobile, or note them down somewhere safe. This can be annoying if someone replied to you and their profile was permanently deleted BEFORE you had a chance to read their email!!!

The above also applies to profiles where the WG de-activates her profile. Whilst her profile is de-activated, you will not be able to read any of her replies. If and when she activates her profile again, you can then read all the emails that she sent to you.

Offline rathbone

Thanks, that's helpful advice re. saving details of phone numbers and so forth.  :)

Offline Roman

Just had this shit happen to me.

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