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Author Topic: What do we want from WG  (Read 571 times)

Offline Benjboy87


What do we want from a punt with a WG?

Personally I don't think I ask for too much. Some good DFK, OWO, sex in a few positions and a sticky finish on the body.

I can understand when someoneturns up and says can I shit on you is slightly pushing it IMO.

What do you guys think is reasonable to ask for in a typical average punt with an average priced WG?

Offline uutarn

Protected vaginal penetration.

These in my view are the bare bones of basics and utter minimum you should expect.
But as we all know just these three can be good or bad depending on the girl in question.

Its all about the delivery.

Offline Benjboy87

I agree entirely.

Different guys want different things.

Some IMO are more strange than others but I don't judge. I just think some girls go about there business wrong. Why would I see 1 girls at 200 ph when she does not French kissing and no owo when for 120 ph I could see someone who does all the things I like and more (cim, anal, facial) to name a view.

Offline Neal69

Much the same as above.

 Not a fan of cum on tits but I do like much of the rest.

Yes I know it is a paid for encounter but a bit of (simulated if necessary) passion does not go amiss.

It's all about the delivery of the service that makes me want to return.


Good attitude
Availability of all services on her profile
Accurate profile (age, size, photos)
Good communications

Good attitude
Availability of all services on her profile
Accurate profile (age, size, photos)
Good communications

Just add  .... good value          (and if poss -  very cheap, but awesome services   :hi:)

I'd agree with most of the above but the biggest thing for me is the initial reaction on first meet. I know I'm no Brad Pitt but I expect the WG to be professional enough not to openly show distaste or revulsion when they look at me. We both know the only way I'm getting to fuck her is by paying her but a certain acting ability goes a long way to making the fantasy more real.

for me its a good basic service in dfk, owo and covered sex, but its all about the delivery of the service and they dont rush you, for me i only pop in 1 hour but if the girl works hard to keep me going for a hour but with out rushing me then thats the main thing, unforchantly pretty hard to find. i also like a good lapdance as that can be very erotic, how ever many are pretty piss poor at this

Offline Benjboy87

When us guys go and see a WG we look at value for money.

I think most guys would pay that little bit more a quality service.

But it all all comes back to value for money. Why would you buy a pair of shoes from shop A when shop Boys sells the same trainers for 10quid less. WG mush surely know that when they shop they look at things, try clothes on and look for good value before they buy.

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