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Author Topic: Ever seen a girl you know on Adultwork?  (Read 7825 times)

At least two girls I went to school with had profiles on AW a few years back - one was actually the sister of one of my brothers mates too.
I've bumped into a WG I'd seen a couple of times. We were both crossing a bridge at the train station. I couldn't exactly say hi to her at the time as I was with friends..........

Offline Jk1980

Was travelling to a bigger office with work and arranged a punt via adult work with this hot Eastern European girl.

I like ball busting and she was smacking my balls with a paddle and giving them a kick for a bit while giving me some small penis humiliation.

Guess who made my sandwich in the canteen the next day, awkward for us both.

Online Neal69

I have related this before.

Walked into my local on a quiet night in a small village with the OH and sure enough a WG I had seen from a nearby town was in there with another woman and 2 blokes.

I damn near shit myself when she came up to the bar to get some drinks but far play a bit of eye contact and that was it.


Offline sub_marine

Just popped into my local sainsburys for a loaf tonight and spotted a local WG, I've never punted with her, but knew she works/lives? a couple streets away from my house, so was only a metter of time I suppose

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