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Author Topic: Finding an old friend brassing herself out on AdultWork!!!  (Read 1079 times)

So recently i got in touch with a few old associates on FB and in particular a girl i used to go to parties with over 25 years ago.....

We started chatting and you know reminiscing via messenger and found she was single in her early 40's and is still fit as fuck after all these years. this started to lead me to regretting a night at a party where we were both off our tits and i had the chance to nail her but shied away...oh the regret  :dash:

A couple of weeks later when i was in the office and my back teeth were floating i decided to peruse the local brass on AW and came across this lovely lady....

www.adultwork.com/2386258 or https://www.adultwork.com/MistressJJ

Anyway, after looking at some of her photos i immediately recognised her as my old contact and boy it fucked my head up.... was a fag paper away from calling her several times but didn't .... paid to get access to her private gallery and fuck me what a cracker i missed out on :)

My dilemma is that if i go and see her to get my rocks off it might seriously backfire on social media but then again it might not as she keeps this side of her life private i suppose... but then again she might think im a weirdo going to see her knowing its her...etc...etc..etc.... so thought id share it with you lot... what are your thoughts?

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Offline GolfNut

Maybe contact her to discuss before she commits to the deal.

Always going to be a risk for a wg, so she's bound to have a plan if it happens.
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I think most would suggest that blurring the boundaries usually ends in disaster.

You're right though, she is as fit as a butchers dog and gives an excellent service, though I'm not sure it helps you to know that.  :)

Offline CoolTiger

She was not THAT discreet when she set up her profile, as at the time she had quite a few UNBLURRED face pics in her free gallery.

Also, when she met up with punting friend whom I correspond with, she gave out fair bit of info to him about herself, her sister and her family.
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its just one of those things.... you know if she ever had any reason to get back at me for anything... not that she would or I would ever give her reason....I just soooo want to tap it hahahaha.....

one inner voice  :diablo: is whispering "go oooooon it'll be fine....just hink of the time you spend fucking her" and the other one  :angelgirl: is screaming at me "Nooooooooooo don't be a fucking dick!!!"

If you'd like you can give me the money to sample her and let you know how good she is  :thumbsup:

Personally I would never knowingly punt with someone who might know me.

Whilst she might want to remain discreet just as much as you, if she were unlucky and got outed, she might well expose you and any others she could identify, in angry retaliation.

My advice is stay away.

Sure I'd seen her profile as one being involved in a party sometime ago, suppose you could always turn up to one late and sample her whilst she's got her mouth full, dunno how easy it would be to hide yourself from her afterwards though

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