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Author Topic: VICTORIAROSEXX - Heathrow - Bath road hotel  (Read 1524 times)

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In short; we arranged an appointment, I got there 6mins early and called her and the phone just rang out to voicemail, sent 2 texts and a final call. waited 20mins but didn't recieve any replies. TOTAL TIME WASTER.

In long; I called her around 9:00pm and she agreed to an appointment at 9:45pm she told me to make my way to the hotel (next to a bowling alley), strangely 2 mins after that call I recieved a text message from her which said "?", So I replied something along the lines of "I just spoke with you and we arranged an appointment and you told me to make my way".  I know this post was made ages ago but I just wanted to say she has a habit of texting "?" After a booking has been made don't worry mate your not the only one as much as she has a wonderful ass bad comms is a fuckup for me

After arriving I called once at 9:40ish and it just rang through, I sent 2 more texts and called again at around 9:50ish which also rang straight through to voicemail.

Complete TIME WASTER best to avoid

She was probably in a drug induced comatose sleeep  :sarcastic: Shame as I really wanted to get a grip of that ass

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