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Author Topic: Which of these two are guilty for farting on set?? ha ha  (Read 1473 times)

http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph575a8d1d2bb8f  i had to laugh when i watched this earlier :D one of these two Fake Agent & Alexxa Vice (Some people may know her Lexxi Rocks) Farted when they were on the job, whos guilty? or it could have been one of Alexxas fanny farts  :D :lol:  9 mins 28 seconds in

Offline Davido0007

Hehe. I farted during a punt once rather audibly during sex. Kind of can't help it as suffer from IBS. She just laughed and said "Don't make me laugh" in a playful manner. Got it all on film too... :blush:

Offline bigmc

Would love to see her ( and make her fart too  ;) ) shame shes so expensive

Offline dkn

Would love to see her - shame shes so expensive
Thought exactly the same myself - she's quite the slut!

Yes she is very expensive, I saw her back around 2013 and she was £200 per hour back then, admittedly she is  very good, but I won't be seeing her again at  those crazy prices unless I win on the lottery ha ha 

Online Stoking

Such a shame seeing she it fairly local to me! Should of seen her while she was still at the £200 mark!

Offline bigmc

She would still be way too expensive for me even @ £200.  :(

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