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Author Topic: Amber HOD2 - AAB  (Read 522 times)

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I cannot believe there are only 1 review for this angel.


Price £70/30min

Comms Its quite difficult to get appointment with Amber, she is very demanded. I got to call the last Friday to get an appointment Tuesday. Got to confirm Tuesday morning, then receive the postcode. Once arrived, the maid text you the adresse to pop in.

Location 7min walk from Victoria station, basement flat. I found that's quite discret since the entrance is down stair, when you wait in front of the door, nobody can see you.

The punt
Amber looks exactly like her photo on HOD, angel looking. Very nice body, cute face, small pert tits as I like. I have no doubt about her age 19yr. Very young and full of energy. Amber greet me by a prolonged DFK, really romantic. I started to finger her and she's already wet down there. If I keep kissing, she can continue very sensually. But I have to change the flow cause I got only 30mins, said to myself. Just when I change the position, she understand and go down to perform a good OWO, great eye contact. A few minute later, I suggest to turn to 69, which she obliged. Then she suggest to put the condom on and we start the jumping party. I love those responsive tits, I keep kissing them, and kiss her, as well. Finished just on time, then have a bit chit and chat. And that's it.

Amber is a super nice looking girl. If she is a bit taller, she can definitely be a professional model. Very well educated, lovely personality. There are a few negative points, but that's nothing compared to how good she is.
- Positive : very cute face, killer body, lovely personality. Seems love sex, get wet just by kissing. Try hard to please.
- Minor negative 1 : When I came, I have to wait the previous punter, which mean that's pretty back-to-back meeting. Didn't see her taking a shower. That does not bother me much cause I know it's common in that type of places.
- Minor negative 2 : She seems not having much experience. Simulate a bit too much to my liking, that make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Personally I prefer submissive girl.

If Amber can organise herself to be an independent, she will be the top. How do I rank?
Face/Body : 9/10
Attitude/Service : 9/10
Organisation : 7/10 (the maid was nice)

Amber herself is the top girl, it's just because she works in HOD that take it down a bit. Deserve an AAB for the whole punt.

Would I return : absolutely yes.

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