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Author Topic: PORNSTAR MELLISSA 69  (Read 553 times)

9 review(s) for PORNSTAR MELISSA 69 (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline josh54321x

I have been a member of this forum for a while and have been a bit of a lurker. I thought I should get round to doing a review (sorry it's taken a while, I get a bit anxious writing lots of stuff).

I saw Melissa a few weeks ago, I had seen her profile reviewed on here and felt an urge to visit her.
Time:30 mins


I rang in the morning and asked for a short notice 1 hour booking to see Melissa at 12.30. I was told this was ok and sent the postcode fairly quickly. There is parking available across the road and the apartment she uses is next the the main road. I arrived a 12.30 and was asked to wait 15 minutes as she wasn't ready yet.

Melissa is a tall attractive woman, she is quite tanned with a few tattoos and bit fake boobs. She looked a bit skinnier than her profile photos and seemed a bit tired when I saw her.

The meet
I walked round the back of the building to be let in. Melissa greeted me at the door in some black lingerie and heels... She looked great. She guided me to the bedroom (everything seemed tidy in the apartment) and we sorted out money. I had requested a 1 hour booking but she said she could only do half an hour, which on top of the time I had spent waiting to get in made me feel like she was taking the piss a bit. So I paid £70 for half an hour. She then asked if I would like a shower and I accepted the offer.

I returned to the room naked and found Melissa waiting on the bed naked. We kissed lightly (no dfk) and she then pushed me down to start some owo. She has a tongue piercing and it felt really good, i embarrassingly didn't last more than a few minutes.

She went to get some mouth wash and left me to clear myself up. When she returned she carried on sucking my dick and I lasted a bit longer this time and continued owo for a while longer until I came again.

After cumming two times she said that my time was over and offered me another shower. Now I know some girls have these rules and count the number of times you cum but I was a bit annoyed because I had wanted to see her for an hour (ended up paying for half an hour) and was rushed out of the door after 15 minutes with her without even getting a chance to have sex with her. Being new at visiting girls for full service I didn't really want to argue with her but I definitely wouldn't visit her again, I may stick to massages with hr (it seems like there are less negotiations).

Anyway I hope this review is OK, I will try to post some other more positive experiences I have had with other providers.

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9 review(s) found for PORNSTAR MELISSA 69 linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for your first review.

Her profile says it's £100 for 30mins and you seem to have paid £70, so she say that's what the price was and offer you a discount, or did you demand one?

Also, the way your review is written suggests she did CIM - and that you did 2 rounds of CIM; is this correct?

£70 for 2 rounds of CIM sounds good value, but you're right, if you book an hour, make the journey and she says you can only do half an hour, then that's a black mark.
And no DFK is a minus point, so neutral rating is fair.

When you say light kissing - was there any tongue involved or just closed lips stuff?

Offline josh54321x

Thanks, I realise that I could've been more accurate with the services offered.
A few weeks ago her rate was lower she was only £70 for half and hour and £120 for the hour so her rates must have gone up since then.
I didn't ask for cim, I'm not sure if she offers it to others.
The kissing was light with no tongues. Closed lips and tongue held back.
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Online Cunning Punt

I didn't ask for cim, I'm not sure if she offers it to others.
The kissing was light with no tongues. Closed lips and tongue held back.

Sounds pretty crap at £70 let alone £100.

I realise the gun went off too early first time but second time I would have pressed for sex as it was well within the time you had paid for.

We all lack confidence when we start in this game, but we learn to be more assertive. Many of these escorts will do as little as possible, so just say what you would like.

I would suggest you also double check services when you phone up to make a booking eg FK/OWO/CIM. Escorts can lie but asking them reduces the risk of being let down and if they sound hesitant over the phone, it's not often a good sign so move on.
This is a very useful review as she is hot, but service sounds crap for such a high price. Good luck with you next punt - there's plenty of reviews here to help.

Offline Zeusthedoc

thanks for the review.

interesting thing about her looking tired, it's a shame that your first time full service would turn out to be so shit, especially as it's a girl with a string of positives previously. she's been on my HL for a while.

ur choice if you still with full service or go bk to massage/he/hr...
depends what you want from the game.

the negatives provide (often expensive) lessons,
the good ones are the bread and butter of this pastime
when you have the great sessions though, they're the ones that keep you hooked.

Offline OHHHwo

Thanks for the review! I've been checking her profile out for a while and have been tempted..!

Offline josh54321x

Thanks for your responses guys. I'll wait a while and see if I'm tempted to try FS again. I see what you mean about being more forthcoming about what I want from the meeting, you get what you ask for in the end.
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