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Author Topic: Thaibam Torquay  (Read 942 times)

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Online Littlefoot

I know this is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But I really enjoyed it. Change is good as a rest, variety is the spice, and all that. Anyway was down from brum in sunny Torquay for much needed r&r, when I felt the urge for an unload. That's when I came across this tasty specimen.

The girl in question:

https://www.adultwork.com/939794 or https://www.adultwork.com/Thaibam

Wanted to try something a bit different from the vanilla GFE I usually go for, and I needed a bit of pampering, after a week of self inflicted stress. So decided to plump for a Thai hot oil FBM. I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't be able to pop over a hand job, having several from WGS in brum, and always ending up having to take matters in my own hand, so to speak. I needn't of fretted. Turns out girls in brum don't know how to give a good HJ. Whereas Bam is a master at it.


Pretty good considering. Sorted by original email, then couple of texts.


Right in Torquay town centre. 2 mins walk from tesco, in a quiet, discreet, side street with plenty of parking available.


Mid terraced house. Exceptionally clean, and tidy house. To the degree as she could have OCD. Lol.


One hour


£80 all inclusive.

The girl:

States she's 36. I wouldn't dispute that. Very attractive Thai, good looking facially, with a nice sexy, petite bod. Personality wise, speaks good English. Very friendly and smiley. GSOH. We shared a few laughs. Can be chatty, but also knows when to keep stum.

Services offered & delivered:

Hot oil FBM, and hand relief. There is no groping Bam, as she states on her profile. I was aware of this, and reluctantly respected it.

The meet:

Bam opened the front door, big smile on her face. Dressed in a figure hugging black micro dress. Was asked to remove my shoes, before following Bam upstairs, (nice view). Professional massage table, with hole at the top for face awaited me. Sorted the paper work. Was asked to strip. (Not that I needed an invitation). Told to lye on the table face down. ( all lovely fresh towels down). Then she poured soothing hot oil on me, and began the massage, making sure to not miss one inche of my body. She really goes deep in the right areas. Ridding me of all my tied up knots. When she was massaging my head, I was that relaxed I almost dozed off couple of times. (Heavy previous night). Was asked to turn over for frontal massage. Again excellent. The last 15 mins was centred around my groin area. Gently rubbing my balls and cock. Started wanking me, and it wasn't long before I was spilling my Beens. As I popped Bam looked at me and cried whoooooo!!!! I exhaled a big breath, and we both laughed. Took up the offer of a shower, get rid of oil. I did ask Bam on the way out if she was going to leave feedback on aw. She shocked me by saying "how do I do that"? She's been in this country 20 years, and on aw since 2010, and I thought this was a bit naive. Suppose she's never heard of UKP also. I thought I'd been slightly short changed. Thought I'd only had about 45 mins, but when I checked, I'd actually had 1 hour 25 mins. Time flew.

Would I return?

If I needed some more R&R. Then yes defo, next time I'm down this way.


3 review(s) found for Thaibam linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Dustybin

Well it's my cup of tea at the mo.

Sounds you had a nice time . You could always treat yourself to a rub and tug at the Chinease massage centre at crewkern  on your way home.

I think it was 40 for an hour plus 20 for a tug. One nice thing about that place you get or offered your tug about half way through, so depending on how long it takes the rest of the time resumed back to massage so you know your getting your monies worth.

Nice hot towels to wipe you down too.

Online Littlefoot

Sounds interesting db. Got a link?

Online Littlefoot

Thanks db. That sounds a bargain bucket.

I might just do a slight detour


Offline Andyply

Bam sounds my cup of tea ~ only heard good things about her.  :thumbsup:

From my experience Andy well worth the visit often see her when im in the  area

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