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Author Topic: Gbfun Stoke on Trent  (Read 900 times)

Offline Pussydoc

Anyone been there looks nice 3 good feedback , have had contact not booked yet ???

Gbfun.  Staffordshire

Offline CoolTiger

https://www.adultwork.com/3574759 or https://www.adultwork.com/gbfun

For a start, post the link for the profile, so that others know who you are on about.

Secondly, you have posted in the East Mids Section, when it should have been in the west mids section.

Have asked Admin to move this.

Offline stokiemike

I have spoken by email with her but not yet met.

She seems genuine and her AW reviews are good (not that it always is correct).

I have been thinking of seeing her myself, as I would love to go to one of her gangbangs.

Please let me know if you see her before me!


Offline Pussydoc

  Will do mike.  Hard to say when as I'm not near Stoke for a while ,did think the gang bangs were very reasonable cost.

Offline stokiemike

Yes, they sound very good value, and she doesn't look bad at all.

I reckon it's worth meeting her and doing the deed just to get involved in one of her gangbangs. Probably be a very enjoyable punt, if her AW feedback can be trusted.


Offline Pussydoc

Look forward to your opinion mike when you've met her ,,i
Unless I get there sooner.

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