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Author Topic: Gina D Nottingham  (Read 862 times)

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So....... I saw Gina D after all........ https://www.adultwork.com/2398030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Gina%5Fd  I was reluctant as there's 1 pic on the profile and nothing else...

As I said she had been texting her for a few days and she said I wouldn't be disappointed if I booked her. So I was at work in a small business centre last week after everyone was gone and decided to book her for 30 mins £60. where she would have to park and walk up to the from door comes past our office window so I could inspect her walking past without being seen and then make a decision.

she pulled up and walked to the main door and she looked pretty - mixed race indian/black women seemed mid 30's dressed in a business suit with high heels so took the part seriously!

I let her in and she was quite petite and very pleasant, a lot of make up but on the whole pretty so went into my office.

After an initial chat and cash exchange she wiped off her top and skirt and started kissing me rubbing letting me play with her massive nipples. She was quite flat chested which isn't my thing but hey ho. I turned her round to get a look at her bum and it was nice and pert as she stripped her g string off bending over and parting her sheeks so I could get a full glimpse and wasn't disappointed.

She rubbers me up for oral which I was slightly disappointed about as I like owo but got on with it and it was very nice but then after 5 mins I sat her in my chair went down on her pussy which she absolutely loved and was dripping wet within seconds... this went on for 5 mins and it definitely did the trick. On to the floor for some reverse cowgirl which was slightly awkward as she is so petite and im a big lad but still enjoyable.

I then had her sit on my face so I could give her some more pleasure as she played with my old chap and boy did she get off on this...so much so she had 2 massive orgasms and squirted all over my face!!! wow I was gobsmacked!!! she then finished me off but wouldn't CIM so had to be content with her stood over me whilst I had 2 fingers rubbing her gspot and she came again everywhere which helped me get over the winning line!!!

After id finished she gave me a kiss and thanked me for giving her such a nice time, a bit of chit chat whilst cleaning up etc and off she went.

Overall id say 1, she looked nothing like the screen grab she used in her profile. 2, she was late 30's and told me she had kids so not as tight and numbile as I would normally go for but overall it was a great punt, she was very warm and welcome and happy for me to have my way sort of. I asked about the profile pic and she just said she likes to keep her work very private.

I wouldn't book her again personally as she isn't my normal cup of tea but the time is spent with her was pleasant if not a little wet :) I don't think anyone will be disappointed with her though  :dance: :P :kiss: :wackogirl:

1 review(s) found for Gina_d linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline GolfNut

Thanks for your first review. Most informative.

Also as she has no prior history on here this constitutes a TOFTT, so well done!

Look forward to your next review.


Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline mediumjoe

Hi opronie good first review , good hunter instinct sought her out asked the club for info 4days ago,and toftted anyway . Just one thing, I'm not sure I would  have done , is call the girl to an outcall and then decide whether to see her or not .Bit risky in someone else's office as well , presumably you know what you are doing .  Joe

i work in a little business centre and there's about 10 companies. I was the only one left in and had all blinds drawn so if she had been a bulgarainian switch pig id have turned my phone off and waited it out alls well that ends well though  :dance: :D

Offline Iloveoral

Great review and inspiring, I've often though about office sex and I'm guessing every now and then whilst at work you can look at the desk and have a chuckle, where she was fucked.
I've not yet been that brave to mix work/punting but it would be an experience to add to the bucket list, well done buddy.

Looking at her profile you can save a tenner if you book 2x 30 mins (£65 each) as she charges £140 for the hour, bizarre I guess she only likes short sessions.
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