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Author Topic: Kirsty HoD  (Read 1471 times)

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Location -
SW1V - Free parking right outside after 630pm and weekends

£70 30mins

RO protected penetration, OWO, massage, CIM(agreed but not delivered) light kissing, rimming on her

with maid via text

(Romanian) AMAZING - the pictures do her unjustice, rank's no1 in terms of facial looks of any girl ive banged. Very petite, with a cute butt. Nice tits maybe a C, I'd say natural (I'm not good at telling) also great english

Usual hoohah with maid, knocked on the door and let in by a cockney elder woman, was offered a cold drink but declined. Sat in room for 2 mins waiting then 'kirsty' arrived. I was blown away by how beautiful this girl was, and to my surprise she was romanian. Guess they're not all gypsies.
She was very cute in her sexual approach and very fun throughout.
What i didn't like was her asking what i wanted, i like to just flow. So i gave her my list stated above, all agreed, but during OWO she said no balls sucking ( bummer )
Her technique was good, no teeth, listening to instructions and hitting the base. Very sloppy too (more on that to come)
Flipped her over for some RO and Rimming ( which she seemed to love) as she was moving her arse in rhythm and moaning as if id hit the right spot.
I decided to fuck her standing up as she was very light, and there was a mirror. She didnt just let me fuck her, held me tight and gave a few thrusts helping me to explode.
After a light massage i saw only 5mins left so i asked for some more Oral. She said we wont have enough time, maybe a handjob (but wasnt said in a bad way) i used the puppy dog eyes and convinced her.
She went at my cock like a speedster giving me a very sloppy blowjob, i didnt think id cum again so quick, so i said you dont need to make me cum. she replied "i want to, i want it in my mouth"  :cool: :lol:
It wasnt to be :( So i left it at that, was a great session nonetheless.
Afterwards she told me next time i should say i want to cum twice in the session otherwise its stress for her at the end. From what i gather, she must suffer from stress and/or anxiety. She just likes to know how the punt will go beforehand.

All in all, she was 98% perfect prossy - 2% romanian prossy
Would I visit again ? I probably have by the time you've read this  :sarcastic:

Great review. On my list for the weekend after my failed attempt on Monday.

Offline fuckit

Thanks for the review. Think she will be very busy in the coming weeks. Hope she keeps up the attitude and does not burn out.

Top of my hot list

Saw this beauty again yesterday. W14 venue which was a trek but very worth it. Very understanding maid as I got there 15 mins late.
Another 10/10 performance.
They get changed in the living room so I got to see a fully naked Kim, who gave me a cheeky smile and wave. She might have to be next.

Offline boardyhell

i should post a review but i saw kirsty last night,not my first time,she is very attractive,lovely face with a great pair of well done enhanced breasts,not bolt ons
she has a lovely relaxed attitude to the booking,her performance sexually and oral is top notch
previously when i have cum a bit early,she has said relax,we can chat
last night she warned me that was time was running out,not in the usual (hurry up)but i want you to enjoy yourself
mission accomplished thanks to kirsty and her wonderful mouth
her english is excellent with a sexy accent,
the complete package for the price
certainly not a hard hearted girl going through the motions ,one of the best i have seen at hod over the years
 lovely girl

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