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Author Topic: Thai Thia in Swansea  (Read 807 times)

 https://www.adultwork.com/3284450 or https://www.adultwork.com/Thai+Tia

Looks nice, if any one has seen her would be great for some feedback.

If anyone has her mobile number if u can PM me.

Thanks  :thumbsup:


I have contacted her by mail, and got a reply , she said she is fully booked this week,


Seems an odd one, she aw sully booked in Swansea before advertising here... Must be some crystal balls out there and no contact number!

Offline HughJardon

I dont think she ever was in Swansea but just parked her profile there.

Her location is now Southampton, probably the reason she was fully booked or only polishes a limited number of Knobs per day


Yes, I think your right. I messaged her twice, and got replies to both, but I don't think she was in Swansea either, I don't think it was her writing the responses either,

But anyway I could be wrong !


One of her replies to me said she would be back in September so save in HL so I can see when she is in Wales.  Perhaps she is doing some prep work to see how busy it could be.. Either way it's a shitty way to do things in terms of where she is and availability.  :dash:

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