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Author Topic: Morriston Massage  (Read 721 times)

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Comms: Easy, did it by text, booked time straight away.

Service:  Went in, asked with a smile to sit down on the sofa because I was slightly early. After a couple of minutes she finished the customers massage and a bloke walked out and looked me right in the eyes and I was like "we both know why we are here.....", but I didnt say anything  :lol:

So I went in, she asked for how long and I give her the money.  I started taking my clothes off while she was in the room, I didn't even ask if I take everything off, I just whipped off everything.  I then laid on the bed and got a massage.  The massage was great!  I'll write below a little comparison between another person I've had a massage from in the area.  Flipped over and she asked if i want a massage 'here'.

Comparison:  Now I think it's important to add this section because people need to know who to go to.  Everyone has different needs and preferences.  I previously reviewed Cara so my comparison will be with her.  Simply put, Cara's massage is better, but that doesn't mean morristons was bad, because it was also great.  HE, now it depends what you like, but for me the definite winner was morriston! There was no messing about. My balls got a great massage and she tucked at it while talking dirty.  Cara's HE was more sensual.  I'm the kind of guy who doesnt do sensual when it comes to getting off, just grab the damn thing and act like my knob is the best thing in the world!  So Morriston wins this.

So...If your after a top massage with a nice HE at the end then Cara is your girl.  If you know you want a good massage with a naught girl pulling on you then Morriston is the ticket. 

Offline snaitram99

Assuming you are talking about the Chinese place, which girl did you see and for how long/how much?

Yeah I am.  I didn't ask for a name and it was £50 all in for half an hour.  She was a really nice person, very friendly and laughs at my crap jokes.

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