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Author Topic: All-nighters  (Read 801 times)

Offline wonky

I've been tempted recently by going out of my £120 budget to some of the Mollie Matthews type girls but have noticed girls like Sweet Amy ( who I haven't seen yet) offer special deals on all nighters from 9pm to 6am. Has anyone done this (and especially with sweet Amy). I think I've left it too late this time but was curious what your experiences are.. I'm presuming they come to yours or a hotel. Do they just st the ant to go to bed and sleep? Or is it an all night fuckathon! Do you have to feed them lol

Also I've had a couple of house calls in my previous flats but now I'm in a house with neighbours who I know. I'm single at the moment so I'm not too worried about t a girl turning up but I've always been weary that they now know where I live!

Just wondering on a Sunday night :)

And if any girls want to come for a wild night of a Indian take away and watching the ilympics let me know haha :)

Offline Corus Boy

Most of my overnights start life as a RB on AW.

I offer a price, duration and what I expect from the evening/night/morning.

After assessing the bids, I contact likely winners and flesh out my expectations.

Once agreed I choose who I will meet.

I would suggest that a 'normally' booked overnight should follow the sam process.

If you're expecting to be fucking every hour of the night, you need to make sure that your selection is up for that.

Offline wonky

lol i'm not 16 anymore.. I need my sleep!! how much notice do you normally put on your RB's? i've had really mixed results with them.. actually thats not true i've had really bad results with RB's!!

Offline HughJardon

I doubt sexy Amy sits on the RB circuit but for a couple of quid you may get lucky

After 2 or 3 bouts of sex I just want shot but thats just me, maybe just stick to your original plan of a Molly, Sienna, Anabelle expensive hour, Ive got more expendable income nowadays but have had better 100 pound an hour punts than that of the 250 plus providers. 

Offline wonky

yeah .. i hear you.  normally after popping twice in an hour i'm done. i'm just missing the whole going to sleep with a shag and waking up with one! and after wasting my hard earned cash on the footy today I truly am missing the old HNDF's on a sunday!!!

Offline subzero

Overnights can be great , but it's really important to confirm with the girl before how much sex you expect , what kind of time you might sleep , and that you want to fuck in the morning before she goes (assuming you do ).
 If you know the girl already , then ok , but if you don't , be explicit about what you want . That way , Everyone will be happy in the end .
 Amy is great fun , and loves sex , but get the details straight before it happens .

Offline HughJardon

Is'nt it a bit wasteful cash wise to pay for an all nighter fuck maybe twice and then pay the girl to sleep, on these occasions I literally want bang for my buck, I could bang all night in my 20s but now sleeping and resting up feels just as good, haha Not past it yet though not by a long shot  :wackogirl:

Maybe get yourself a fuck buddie mate, or a cheeky look on SA never hurt although sometimes easier said than done.

BTW yes youll probably have to feed them, but something other than schlong sarnie  :cool:

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