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Author Topic: What is Hot Kitty like?  (Read 364 times)


Is there something that sets this girl apart from the other here today gone tomorrow Thai girls?
Tammy:  rimming and anal play.
Leila: very polite and great tits
Taya: demure
Anny: offhand but slutty.
Tammy: over enthusiastic
Katie: teeth hurt my knob
Pinky: tried to slip my cock in unprotected

She's not that pretty but I fancy a change.

Offline piercedtim

Maybe it's just me being wary but I'd be concerned over the bit in her text which says she is "fully convincing". I'd be thinking along the lines of "Hmmmm have you always been a woman?". But like I said, probably just me being overly suspicious

I hadn't studied her profile on Adultwork. Yes, well spotted! What else could it mean?  Thanks to you I have avoided a disastrous situation. Good man.

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