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Author Topic: Felicia - Admiral Escorts (Paddington)  (Read 1322 times)

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Offline _Cyrus_


Date: 11 Aug 2016
Location: Paddington
Duration: 1.5h
Charge: £220

Decided to try Admiral Escorts as I had a couple of bad experiences with girls from other sites. Two of them are reviewed here. Also tried emailing Ellie_12_Rose, but my email got deleted and every subsequent attempt was blocked. I don't know why, maybe because I don't have any feedback on AW, but the email just contained a request to arrange a meeting, nothing rude or explicit. For all her demands of politeness, she could have at least said no and please don't bother again, or something like that. But there we go. Others seem to have better luck with her.

Called Admiral Escorts for Rosalia first. She was not available. So went for Felicia. The lady taking bookings was polite and efficient. Said needed to confirm with the girl. After some time got a text with confirmation and full address. Got no complaints.
Went to the location, directions were detailed, so was easy to find. Before the door opened was asked the name of the person I came to see - apparently there are two girls in the flat.
Then was let in by a gorgeous girl, in a short black dress, with a body of a model. Admiral Escort images do have touch-ups but the girl was absolutely gorgeous. Don't know if she's naturally blonde or redhead but by that point I did not care. Through the time I was there, looking at her every time she went to bathroom to freshen up, I had to pick up my jaws from the floor. A pretty face, very toned beautiful body, long legs, amazing natural breasts and a bum to die for.
The flat was nice, clean and quiet. Asked to have a shower, was given a clean towel. After coming out had a bit of a chat. I have this thing, that for me to have proper pleasure the opposite side needs to be comfortable with me too. In other words I can't go to OWO directly, a bit of a prelude and warm-up makes it more enjoyable for me.
After some talk, we warmed up to each-other and started kissing. To make things more comfortable I like to take it slow and tender - lips, cheeks, neck, all the way down. She was amazing and very responsive. I got really eager too. Went on missionary while kissing her, didn't hold anything back as I knew there was plenty of time. Came after about 6-7 minutes. Took a minute to compose myself, she did a quick wipe of both of us, then asked whether I want oral with or without. Without of course - I am not a huge fan of oral, just not my thing, but I think she did it well and I was up again in no time. Then I turned her around, gave her a bit of a massage (as best as I could) and went for prone bone. Loved it. Went on for a doggy - what a heavenly sight and experience that was. She can squeeze her muscles too, which felt amazing. I went as hard as I could combining with a slowdown in between. After about 15 minutes started overheating and sweating profusely, with sweat dripping all over my face and eyes (her room was also warm although the window was open). When that happens I  just lose my focus. Decided to freshen up. Felicia was so charming, attentive and so sexy throughout the time.
She never checked the time either. I was really concerned, as initially I arranged for an hour, so I asked if I could extend for 30min to which she said yes.
 After a bit of a break, she gave me another owo, and went for cowgirl, first reverse and then facing me, with those amazing breasts up and down my face, which I took full advantage of. Noticed she was getting a bit tired, so grabbed her in a tight full body hug and started thrusting while we exchanged kisses and light bites. With such a hottie on me making all the right sounds I could not last long, and came the second time. She wiped both of us clean and we had a lie down with a nice chat and some kisses. After a bit of kissing pulled her to the edge of the bed and went down on her. A nice, clean pussy which I enjoyed until she climaxed. She took a minute to compose herself, asked her if she liked it, to which she smilingly said 'No! And I hate you!' :) I think she liked it. After a bit more chatting, tender touches and kissing, I decided to go to shower. A great big hug and a kiss, and off I was, really happy and wanting to come back again. Checked the time - 1 hour 34 minutes. So right on the mark.
If I can, I will return to this gem again.
Let a review on Admiral Escort's site too. She has quite a few.
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